The Importance Of Sex

Over the years I have had many people (mostly women) ask me, “why is sex so damn important to him?” My answer is always the same, “why is it not important to YOU?” Sex should be important to both people in an adult relationship. Sex is not just an “act” or activity that two people do. No, sex is an integral part of a healthy relationship. Sex conveys and allows intimacy – which is instrumental in a relationship. If you do not know why sex is an important aspect of your relationship, read on and find out!

When you say you “know someone intimately” what does that mean? This does not mean sexually (although, it can encompass that). Intimacy is a closeness that we share with another person. It can be a close friendship, a family intimacy or a couple intimacy. Intimacy is often shared
Romantic Couple In Bedthrough sex with a couple. When you take away the sexual portion of a relationship, there will be a decline in intimacy. We pull away, consciously or unconsciously, from our partner. That closeness that we felt with them that differentiates that relationship from others can be stripped away. Sex is necessary for intimacy between lovers. Period.

The Roommate Theory
If you have ever spent any time in divorce court, as I have, you will hear over and over and over again – “we were just roommates.” What does that mean? It means that there was no sex. Cohabitation without sexual intimacy takes the characterization of a “relationship” and switches it to one of friendship. I am not sure about you but if I wanted to have a non-sexual “roommate” relationship then I would not be married or dating this person. No, when you are living together and purportedly in a sexual relationship sex is important to maintaining the level.

Why Kissing Is Important To Your Relationship

It is scientifically and medically proven that sex (especially with orgasms) is a huge de-stressor! Sex creates a euphoric phenomenon in the body that relaxes muscles, creates a feeling of happiness, which combats stress. One study found that persons having intercourse regularly for two weeks “showed lower stress-related blood pressure” (Schwecherl, Laura). So why wouldn’t you want to have sex – it does a body good!

Creates Happiness
Not only does the actual act of intercourse make us happy that someone wants to partake of this intimate act with us, but the act itself also literally makes us happier. Why is this? Well, for that amount of time when you are engaging in sex you are not likely thinking about much else other than the feelings and emotions that go into sex. You are experiencing the pleasure of it – this makes our brains happy which makes us happy. Being intimate with the person who we love makes us happy. So, why not do it. Go on, but happy every night!

Conveyance Of Love
While it is true that you do not have to be “in love” to have or want sex, when you are in a long-standing relationship and you are NOT having sex – well, it can call the question of “is she/he still in love with me” to the forefront. Sex is a way to express our love for the other partner (or even just our desire for them) in a raw and basic way. Sex is a necessary (yes, I said it) part of a loving relationship. Sex does more than just offer a sexual release – it tells our partner that he/she is attractive, desirable, sexy and loved. Now, if you feel that way about your partner, you should be showing them through sex.

Note: If you are in a sexual relationship and simply do not enjoy sex, want sex, or feel the need for sex you may want to talk to your doctor regarding libido and sex drive. While you may have a lack of interest in sex, your partner may not and it could do damage in the long run.

How Do You Make Time For Sex?
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