Why He Doesn't Want To Have Sex Anymore

For most couples, the sexual aspect of a relationship is extremely important. While every relationship has times of ebbing sexual activity, normally there is a flow that will follow. Such is the natural “ebb and flow” of a sexual relationship between two busy adults. Occasionally, though, the ebb is a little longer or more noticeable than in the past. What happens when you clearly notice that your man doesn’t want to have sex with you? What does this mean and how do you deal with it?

Unfortunately our culture has conditioned us (through all sorts of media portrayals) that men are horny and want sex 24/7. While statistically men DO think about sex more often than a woman, this does not mean that it is possible or even desirable to have sex as often as you “could.” Not to mention that the older a man gets, the more difficult it can become for him to maintain a very Disappointed Woman In Bedactive sex life – even if he wanted to. So while you may be freaking out that your man is not on you at every waking hour like he was in the beginning, this is not immediate cause for concern. He could just be needing a physical break. Do not panic until there is reason to worry.

Once again the poor males in our world have gotten bad or misrepresented “rap” that they are horny no matter what and they can have sex even when they are totally and utterly upset or angry. This is really not true. Men are very emotional as well and when something is amiss in a relationship which is important to them they will often shy away from sex. Have you and your lover been fighting more often? Was there a huge disagreement in which he was visibly upset? Have YOU changed, as in how you behave or act with him? If there is an issue in the relationship this can be the only reason he is avoiding sex. In fact, he may be considering a break-up and this will make him avoid sex all-together.

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A man’s body and reproductive system is a delicate balance and it will not always function at the highest level, depending on other physical (or as mentioned above, emotional) conditions. If a man is having physical issues or complaints such as drastic weight gain, heart issues or is just totally out of physical shape – this can affect not only his libido (desire to have sex) but his actual ABILITY to have sex. The change may happen overnight or take months or years, but our bodies do not function optimally if there is a physical issue that needs to be addressed. So, if a man is aware that he will not be able to have sexual intercourse in the way that he is used to, he may very likely avoid sex all together in order to sort out the physical issues. Men are not always really good at talking about their ailments, and hiding this from you may be what he is doing.

Of course along with physical ailments comes the BIGGEST physical issue that affects men and sex – ED. ED is something that most men, a majority of men, do not deal well with. It is confusing and scary and makes them feel less than a man. Especially if they do not know why this happens. If ED is affecting their ability to get or maintain erection they are very likely to avoid sex all together and unfortunately they are not going to do that with a light heart, they may seem crabby or distant and this can cause MORE issues between the two of you. Most forms of ED can be helped and sometimes even cured, but your man has to go to a specialist to address the issue. If you suspect that this is the problem, try to talk to your man gently about it – NOT IN THE BEDROOM – and see if this is what is going on.

Of course the elephant in the room is always “is he cheating on me” and this is a very viable reason that he may no longer want sex with you. If he is getting it somewhere else, then he may stop having sex with you. If he is contemplating a break up (whether he has another lover or not) he may also stop having sex with you. The important thing to remember is, just because you are no longer having sex does not instantly mean that he is cheating. As all the other possibilities point out, there are more than one reason that this happens. However, if your Spidey senses are telling you that something is off, or you have that nagging feeling about him, then you may want to investigate further. Women are usually really good with their intuition and if we feel something is wrong it most often is.

The last possible reason that he may be avoiding sex with you is that he is questioning his sexual preferences. This actually is happening way more than it ever has in past years. Both men and women are re-thinking the standard sexual roles in which they have been placed and when you doubt your sexual preferences it is not easy to have sex with a partner of the “wrong” gender. While this may not be the most prevalent reason he is no longer having sex with you, it is most definitely a possible one.

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