Should I Be Worried If My Woman Uses Sex Toys?

So, you found your woman’s B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend) and now you are worrying that you are not doing your “job” pleasing her! Or, perhaps, she has asked if you would like to add toys into your sex play. If either of these situations has happened to you and you are worrying that your lover doesn’t find you “enough” or that she will never like you better I have one thing to say: STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT!

No, seriously man you have absolutely NOTHING to worry about. Yes, we women like to use sex toys sometimes. Yes, we women sometimes like to use them WITH you. Yes, sometimes we use them when we are alone. This does not in any way affect how enjoyable we have sex with you nor does it mean that we do not like you or that you do not pleasure us enough. Get it? Good. Let’s explore this more.

Private Playtime

So, let’s get honest here guys, do you masturbate? Do you masturbate even when you are having great sex with your partner? Yes, of course you do! Why? Well, because it is fun, you need the release, you are horny, sometimes your lover is not available, because your penis is there and you like to touch it. Whatever the reason, you do it. Guess what? Women like to masturbate too. Even when we have good sex with you. Even when we are sexually satisfied. Why? Just like you we need the release, it can be relaxing, it feels good and you may not always be available. In short, we need that private playtime just like you do and for us, sometimes, using a toy is a faster way to achieve what we need to achieve – or more fun – or feels better than our own fingers.

Variety Is The Spice Of Sex

Guys, have you ever used your other hand when you jerked off because it feels better or different? Have you ever used a masturbation sleeve like the Fleshlight? Ever experimented with a tingly gel or the shower massager or the vacuum? OF COURSE! Why? Well, because variety feels good. A different touch feels good. Women are the same way. Sure, we can use our fingers when we self pleasure, but it is nice to have some variety to our playtime. Sometimes we want only external play; sometimes we want some internal play. Maybe we want both. It is our pleasure; we like to change it up. This has nothing at all to do with you. It is about us and our playtime and we like some variety too. Would you be so worried if we were just masturbating with our fingers? No, of course not. It is no different using a toy other than the sensations are different.

We Prefer The Real Deal

Listen guys, if we had to pick between your mouth, tongue, fingers, hand or cock OR a sex toy we are going to pick you over and over again! Why? YOU FEEL BETTER! Nothing can replace the warmth of a real person’s body parts. No “fake” penis can move and feel like yours does. No toy can lick us like your tongue can. Yes, sex toys feel good – but we want YOU. We want your hot breath, your strong fingers, your agile tongue, your throbbing......OK, you get the picture. We cannot replace you with a toy. Never. Ever. Believe me.

We Think They Are Fun For You Too

If your partner has asked you if you would like to add in a little sex toy fun to your intimacy this does not in any way mean you are not performing well enough or that we need the extra stimulation because you can’t pleasure us. Most of the time women want to add in a sex toy so that they can orgasm MORE. While we much prefer your fingers or tongue it is sometimes nice to have a bullet that you can just put down there by your clit and forget about it while you enjoy other things. Your fingers or tongue cannot ALWAYS be down there. We get greedy, we want to orgasm – so we use a toy to speed things up a bit at times. Or, perhaps, we thought you would like the visual of us playing with a toy. We want you to have fun and enjoy sex with us and sometimes the suggestion of a sex toy is just to bring things to a new level, add variety, or perhaps fulfill a fantasy. It does not mean that we are dissatisfied with you in any way; we just want to try something new. Give it a shot, you may love it!

In short guys, your woman uses sex toys for one reason only: they are fun and feel good. They have nothing to do with your performance or lack thereof. They can never replace you. Ever. So, why not join the party and while you are at it, find a toy for yourself!

Do You Use Sex Toys With Your Partner?
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