10 Things She Is Thinking While You Are Having Sex

Intercourse Sex StimulationsIt is Friday night, you and your girlfriend are having some pretty awesome sex. At least YOU think it is awesome sex. Wait. . . does SHE think it is awesome sex? Does she look bored? Am I doing it right? Did she fake that orgasm? Oh GOD! This may not be awesome sex at all – this may be AWFUL SEX! What do I do? I wish I knew what she was thinking? If this has ever been you wondering what your lover is thinking, let me just let you in on a secret: we do think things during sex and some of the might surprise you! Here is a peephole look into the minds of women while we are having sex with 10 things she may be thinking – and trust me, there are so many more!

1. I hope he is turned on by my body.
I know, sounds so stupid to think about whether you are attracted to us WHILE we are having sex, but we do. We wonder if you are really attracted to us naked (or partially naked) and whether you noticed that pooch of a belly we have. If you likeus and our body. If our boobs are too small. If our ass looks good in that thong. Ugh. We obsess.

2. Why is my orgasm taking so long?
We worry about things during sex. We worry it is taking too long for us to orgasm and you will give up trying! We want to orgasm, we do, but sometimes it takes effort. We worry and question if we are ever going to have that ….oh…wait…yes…yes…there it is! Phew!

3. I should have peed before sex. Damnit.
During sex we want our mind to be on YOU and on US, but if we have transitioned from some hot kissing and fondling to hot sex we tend to think about peeing. Especially if we are sensitive to G-Spot penetration. Oh well, the time is over now, gotta wait.

4. Should I tell him what I like?
Many women are really afraid to direct their guy in the right direction and, as a result, they spend too much time DURING sex wondering why he is about 2 centimeters ABOVE the clitoris. So, we lament that decision during sex. Sometimes we tell you and sometimes we don’t.

5. He is getting close, should I fake the orgasm?
OK, don’t get mad, not ALL women fake an orgasm. However, if we are going at it hard core and we KNOW you are almost there and we KNOW you want to make us climax and we KNOW that it is not happening sometime soon – well, we make fake it so you can make it. Don’t worry, you’ll get us next time.

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6. Did he like the blowjob I gave him? Why didn’t he cum?
When we give you oral sex we ALWAYS wonder if we are pleasing you! If you are a quiet guy and really don’t make too much noise, we may question it DURING the blowjob and definitely during sex if it bothered us. Call us perfectionists, but we want to make you sexually satisfied and we think about that post fact.

7. Do I smell nice “down there?”
Yes, when you are buried between our legs we sometimes do lament over whether we smell nice down there, whether we need to wax or shave again, whether you find our little vagina pretty. We enjoy it tremendously while you are going down on us, but we still worry about the presentation of our pussy!

8. Why didn’t he go down on me?
This one can be at the top of the list, especially for first time or second time sex. If you are not taking an oral interest in us, it can preoccupy us! This does not mean you have an obligation to go muff diving, but, if you avoid it every time then it will definitely be on our minds as to WHY you are not. See #7. Then #1. See how a woman’s mind works?

9. Is he thinking about someone else?
It is true. We wonder that. A lot. A LOT. We worry that it is not US who is turning you on, but instead that perky, fake-breasted, too-tight-top-wearing bimbo at Starbucks. We get that men are visual. We understand fantasies. However, when you are having sex with US, we want you to be thinking about US.

10. Does he love me?
OK, not the first date sex maybe, but at around the 3 or 4th time we are doing it we will wonder if you are falling in love with us. A woman’s psychological and hormonal make-up causes her to emotionally attach to men that she has sex with more than a few times. It is nature’s way of insuring procreation. So, when we are having sex with you for the 5th or 6th time we do wonder: does he love me? We may not even love you yet, but that is irrelevant!

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