The 5 People He Should NEVER Sleep With From A Dating Site

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In this day and age, dating sites are how a majority of people meet their significant other – or, at least meet someone they may sleep with. Dating sites have both positive and negative reputations, and ultimately they are as good or bad as you make them. Some sites are more, shall we say “reputable” than others, and those which are more skanky should be avoided all-together. The issue, however, is – all the sites tend to have the good, the bad, the ugly and the HELL NO as far as people you should feel confident interacting with. While all these sites ultimately provide the same thing – the hope and promise of new love – they all also have those people whom you should never, ever sleep with. So, whether you are on Tinder, Match, OKCupid, E-Harmony or any other dating site, here are 5 “types” of people you should NEVER sleep with from a dating site.



I know you are a man and I know you love boobs and vaginas and naked women. I also know that the idea of getting sexy nude pictures from pretty, new girls is very, very enticing. I get it, I truly do. However, here is the thing – do you think that she is ONLY sending her boob pictures to you? Or, do you perhaps think she is sending them to every guy she is messaging? This is her right and if she wants to do this it is her choice, but, what do YOU want? The greater issue here is not that she is proud of her body – that is always a plus – but, she is most likely doing this in order to get some sort of validation and that is not the kind of girl who you want to go down the sex road with. Girls who are too quick in sending the nudes will constantly need the validation, and if you decide to have sex with them, this cycle is likely to never stop. So, yes, you like the boob pictures, but watch for the eager beaver shooters and save yourself the heartache.



You are having some nice conversations and texts, she seems very cool. You have a lot in common. Things are going well. Then, one day, out of nowhere comes a message along the lines of, “Hey, so, yeah, I really feel strongly about you, in fact, I think I could love you.” Back away and do it fast. Listen, let’s be honest here, if she is already telling you she loves you then what do you think is going to happen once you have sex? Women are notorious for getting emotionally attached after sex. Yeah, now you are seeing the issue right? I am not going to tell you that love can’t happen fast. I am not even going to tell you that it is not possible to fall in love before meeting someone. However, sleeping with someone who you love – really love – is a wonderful thing, so unless you literally love her too, then you should not be sleeping with the I love you girl.

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It is true that you meet all kinds on dating sites. Wonderful people, stunning and fantastic human beings. However, you also have the possibility of meeting truly crazy people. The thing is about them is that they do not show their true colors right away. It may take a couple of messages, or even a lot of messages but one thing is really true – a cray cray girl will show her cray cray colors eventually. So, if you start feeling that things are not quite right, that things are not adding up, or that her moods are back and forth to the point of it feeling like you are texting two separate people – then RUN and consider changing your phone number. The last thing you want to do is involve sex into an unstable relationship. If you are unsure of the mental stability of your potential date, then do not cross the sex line. Cray cray is always cray cray.



There are a lot of women on dating sites that have children, this is a perfectly natural state of being. No one is judging women who have multiple children or even multiple children from different fathers. However, if the woman who you are contemplating sleeping with has, what seems to you, to be TOO many children with multiple fathers. Well, ask yourself if you are ready to be the next Baby Daddy in her life. For some women finding a new man in hopes of him being THE man to take care of her and all her offspring is a real quest. The best way to draw or entice a new partner is to lure him in with sex. I know this sounds judgmental, and not all women with many children are like this. However, if you are going to sleep with multiple baby daddy girl then make sure you double wrap it and pull out! No joke.



“Where are you?” “Why are you not texting me back?” “I saw you logged on today, why did you not answer my e-mail?” “How many girls are you talking to?” “Hey, if you are not going to respond to my e-mail then screw you!’” Yep. Say hello to clingy girl. Clingy girls are desperate. Clingy girls are needy. Clingy girls are unable to be alone. Clingy girls become ULTRA Clingy Girl once you sleep with them. If you think she is clingy now imagine how clingy she will become once you sleep with her and you notice she is stalking your dating site profile. Clingy girl will become a force to be reckoned with if she thinks you slept with her and are going to sleep with others. She will hunt you down, monitor your dating site, send you texts and messages and e-mails until you are literally so consumed with her that it is impossible to stay on the dating site. Oh yes, make no mistake, clingy girl is NOT a person to have a relationship with nor is she someone who you should be sleeping with.

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