5 Types Of Men She Should NEVER Sleep With From A Dating Site

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In this day and age, dating sites are how a majority of people meet their significant other – or, at least meet someone they may sleep with. Dating sites have both positive and negative reputations, and ultimately they are as good or bad as you make them. Some sites are more, shall we say “reputable” than others, and those which are more skanky should be avoided all-together. The issue, however, is – all the sites tend to have the good, the bad, the ugly and the HELL NO as far as people you should feel confident interacting with. While all these sites ultimately provide the same thing – the hope and promise of new love – they all also have those people whom you should never, ever sleep with. So, whether you are on Tinder, Match, OKCupid, E-Harmony or any other dating site, here are 5 “types” of people you should NEVER sleep with from a dating site.


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It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, wait…what is it? Who is it? No information man is exactly as the name implies – NO INFORMATION man. You know little to nothing about him. He is super secretive and offers up very few personal details. He may avid anything of a personal nature – like if he is married, has kids, where he works, what he likes to do on the weekend. No information man is named such because he doesn’t WANT to give you any information about himself. He is an enigma, a mystery, and most likely hiding something. Sure, we all have to be a little bit mindful about the information we allow into the world about ourselves, but if he is not willing to give you some basic deets than this should be a HUGE red flag. In order to trust someone enough to sleep with them you REALLY need to be able to form a basic trust with them, and this is impossible when they are not telling you anything about themselves. Steer clear of this one ladies.


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Yes, I know, just because you go on a date doesn’t mean you have to be “committed” to one another. However, if you meet anti-commitment man, and you will know it when or if you do, then you have to seriously consider why you would EVER sleep with him! Anti-commitment man tells you up front that he has absolutely NO intention of being in a relationship – ever. He may tell you that he likes the freedom to date many women. He may tell you he is not ready to settle down. He may even tell you that he has not found the right one and doesn’t think he will. What this translates to ladies is – “I want to sleep with as many women as possible and I don’t want to feel like an ass so I am telling you that I do not want to be committed.” So, ask yourselves, do you REALLY want to bet your happiness or your health on this guy? Nope. Run fast my friends and use the hand-sanitizer as you go.

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I know that there are so many stages of divorce out there – separation, pre-divorce, counseling, and even “taking a break.” I am not saying that ALL men with a pending divorce are off limits, as long-term separations or waiting for the final papers to be signed are very common. However, if he is vague about the state of his divorce, or if he still lives with his ex-wife / wife – then you do not want to bring sex into this situation! Not-divorced man is not-divorced for a reason. Why is he out looking for a date on a dating site if he is still married? Why can’t he wait until the divorce is final to look for someone? I have the answer – SEX. Do you really want to be having sex with a man whose wife / ex-wife to be can reclaim at any moment? Do you want to be the recipient of an angry text or phone call? HELL NO! This is one of those beat away with a stick and never look back guys. Use your judgment here ladies, find out if his soon-to-happen divorce is REALLY soon to happen, or if it is never going to happen.


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We all love the idea of being swept off of our feet and meeting the next, great relationship in our life. However, there are definitely red flags when it comes to a guy who moves TOO fast. If this guy is pressuring you, in any way, to meet up before you feel ready – RUN. If he is telling you that he thinks “he could fall in love with you” after a few messages – RUN. If he meets you and is trying to get into your panties within the first hour – RUN. Yes, I know, love at first sight happens and no one can decide how fast or slow things should go in your relationship, but if it at all seems fast or rushed or too good to be true that is your intuition telling you that you need to be careful. Any man who really cares about you and wants to have a real relationship – and not just a booty call – will wait for you to feel ready. If you have that feeling that things are going too fast for your taste, then you need to definitely pull back and try to look at what is really happening here.


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You would think this one would be obvious, and probably should be put in with all the other types of dudes to avoid, but you would be surprised how many men out there will downright refuse to have an STD test prior to getting intimate. Or, there are the ones who will tell you that they “hate condoms” and “refuse to wear one, but they are STD free.” In this day and age you have to protect yourself and your health. You have to be pro-active about STD testing and protection. Any man who is responsible about his health and knows how risky it is to sleep around will agree to have an STD test OR will have the results of a test that he has taken prior to dating. If he just avoids the discussion, refuses to use a condom, or tries to coax you into believing he is STD free and makes you feel ridiculous for even asking – RUN away fast and hard and don’t look back! STD refusal guy is living in denial. That denial is that HE could NEVER have an STD. Guess what, do you want to roll the dice on that? No, no you do not!

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