6 Things Men Do That Turn Women OFF

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Probably the last thing you want to do is to turn your partner off! However, there are things that we all do during the course of our everyday activities and life that undeniably irk our partners. Most of these things, while annoying, won’t deter us from wanting to have sex with you. However, there are some things that if you do or say sex will be the LAST thing on our minds! So, if you are curious about just some of the things you do or say that turn your woman off, keep on reading as here are just 6.

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Yes, women like to talk to their partners. Yes, we sometimes do it when you want to watch the game or are not in the mood to talk. However, we also want to talk over dinner or maybe while in the car. When we KNOW that you aren’t listening, or worse, pseudo-listen (yes, dear…huh, wait, what were you saying?) – we get REALLY upset. One of the fastest way to turn a woman off is to make her feel like she is not being heard when she needs to talk. So, sorry guys, you may just have to have a conversation or two if you want to have a good sex life.

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Men are visual creatures. They like to enjoy the eye candy around them. While this is healthy and normal, women sometimes have a hard time with this, especially if their guy is STARING intently at another woman while he is with them! Believe it or not, women want you to look at them the way you are looking at that other woman. Also, they want to believe that you only have eyes for them! So, since we all know you are not going to stop noticing attractive women, at least try to not be so obvious about it.

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Men love to hang with their friends – and this is a good thing. Both partners need to have time away from the relationship, enjoying other activities with other people. However, if you are spending all of your free time with the boys, and leaving no time for your partner there is going to be a sex drought! Especially if you go out, stay out late, come home drunk and think you are going to get laid! Women need time with you, too, so keep that in mind when making plans.

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Confidence is a great thing. Women love it when a man is confident. However, when that confidence crosses the line into absolute arrogance or conceited-ness, then it can be a GIANT turn off. Talking too much about yourself, or always talking about yourself but never allowing her to talk about herself, or asking about her, is extremely off-putting.

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The last thing to make a woman want to have sex with you is when you are sexist. Women want to know that they are appreciated and that you do not see them as being any less than yourself. Making sexist jokes or comments will very quickly get under her skin. Especially if that sexism extends to her career or future goals. Men need to be supportive of their women, and being sexist doesn’t imply support.

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This can be generally speaking, such as around the house or when it comes to chores or responsibilities. It can also extend to how active you are in the relationship in general. Do you make plans to go out? Do you just sit on the couch and do nothing but watch sports on TV? How about IN bed…do you just lean back and expect her to do all the work? Nothing is more of an instant mood killer than feeling like your man is not into you or is too lazy or disinterested to do fun things outside of the bedroom.

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