6 Things Women Do That Turn Men OFF

While you may believe that there is nothing a woman can say or do to turn a man off, this is absolutely false! Men can lose their desire for sex with their partner for any number of reasons. Sometimes something that their partner has said or done turns their normally “ON” switch right to “OFF.” Men are more complex than we give them credit for, and they pay attention to things too. So, if you are curious as to some things that you may say or do to turn your man off, here are just 6 of the biggies.


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Women love to get compliments! We adore when our partner notices our new haircut, our new skinny jeans, or that we have done our make-up. Men also love to get compliments and need to feel appreciated. When their partner is too self-centered and never pays attention to them, offers them a compliment or notices things about him, well, that is a fast road to not feeling very sexy. It’s true girls, your men have feelings too!


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Clingy. Clingy. CLING-Y! Women who will not give there man room to breathe, are always on their ass about where they are, when they are coming home or why they did not text back in 15 seconds are definitely a HUGE turn off for most men! Men like that their girl misses them, but there is a limit to just how short of a leash they want to wear. So, if you have sent your man 100 texts while he was out with his buddies don’t be surprised when he isn’t in the mood when he gets home.


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Listen, we know that women are under no obligation to dress in lingerie every night but not putting in the effort anymore one the relationship is established can be a huge turn off. If you have let your armpit hair grow to 6 inches, never take your hair out of a ponytail, wear ripped and stained sweats to bed every night, well, this may not be a huge turn on for him. Yes, he should (and does) love you without make-up. Yes, he doesn’t mind if you put your hair in a ponytail; it can be sexy. However, if you have just sort of checked out to being sexy at all, this may really turn him off.

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Yes, your dude knows you are going to have your period. What he doesn’t need is for you to leave your tampon or pad wrappers all over, or (super ick) leave a tampon floating in the toilet or an exposed, bloody pad in the garbage. Yeah, I just turned myself off there. Even the guys who don’t mind period sex do not want to see the evidence of this time of the month. In fact, it can turn them off for longer than your period lasts!


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I know a lot of women object to being called a “nagger” but the fact is, women do it and do not even realize we are doing it! “Did you take out the garbage? I asked you to take out the garbage. The garbage REALLY needs to go out? Do you hear me, I said you need to take out the garbage!” Yeah, you see it now don’t you? Men do NOT like to be nagged. I have come to accept the fact that my man’s “time schedule” is very different than mine. While when I ask him to take out the garbage my personal timeline is within 10 minutes, his is most likely after the basketball game. If I hound him all through the basketball game he just gets pissed because (a) he planned to take it out right after the game and (b) now I am disrupting his game and (c) now I am nagging him. Yep, men are NOT turned on by naggers.


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Sure, your dude sort of wants you to be “one of the guys” in that he would like it if you appreciated sports and understood that March Madness and Playoff seasons make him crazy. He doesn’t, however, find a girl who swears like a prison inmate, burps and farts at will, yells from the bathroom that she is “taking the dump of the century,” or who generally doesn’t seem very much like a lady – attractive. Yeah, I know, he does these things and we are supposed to accept it, right? Well, yeah. It may be unfair ladies but our guys want to think of us as delicate flowers, not steel-toed boots. While no one is suggesting that you can’t burp, or fart or that you have to hide the fact that yes, you do have to go to the bathroom every so often, I am suggesting that going too far over to the other side is really unattractive.

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