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I am sure you have heard that a woman's sex drive is not as high as a man or "when women hit 40 (or 50) they lose their sexual desire" or even the ever popular "women do not really like sex, this is all a ruse to catch a man!" Listen, why do people have a need to suggest that women do not like sex or that our sexual appetites die down dramatically? Furthermore, are ALL men always hyper sexual? Generalizations do not work in this type of situation and it is important to gather up the facts on the matter, don't you agree? So, here are some truths about female sexual desire.

It is true, women enjoy sex! Young women, older women, menopausal women, women do like sex! Keeping in mind that each person (male or female) is individual and that sexual appetites do vary, the fact is that women like sex as much as (and sometimes more than) their male counterparts! There are all kinds of myths and misinformation circulating which suggests that because sex doesn't always end in an orgasm for a woman that they do not really "like" sex. This is crap. The fact is, even women who do not have orgasms during sex enjoy the sensation of penetration AND they really enjoy the intimacy that sex provides. So, get it out of your head that women do not like sex because WE DO!

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While it may be true for some women that directly following childbirth you may not have a strong desire for sex (come on, we just pushed a human being out of our vagina!) the idea that once a woman has a child she gives up on sex and has no sexual desire is completely false! Sure, we are exhausted, our bodies have been morphed into something that we do not recognize and we may have a tiny being attached to our breasts but we still want the stress relief, the intimacy and the orgasms that come with sex! Again, there are many different levels of this spectrum, some women may have a decrease in sex drive due to hormonal fluctuations following pregnancy, but this is oftentimes temporary. So, quit thinking that because you woman is now a Mom that it means you will not have sex any longer, she will want it sooner than you think!

There are some people who believe that a woman only PRETENDS to like sex to land a man. That she is this super sexual being who is crazy between the sheets but as soon as he says "the honeymoon is over" and the sex stops because, well, women do not really like sex but use it as a man trap. Really? Come on guys, let's get real here. The fact is EVERY relationship does have that new stage where you can not get enough of each other, you are craving sex all the time and you are simply insatiable. This stage can last months or years but it is inevitable that in most relationships there will be a bit of a decrease in sexual activity. The idea that a woman's sexual desire is predicated on the notion that she must land a man is ridiculous and false! Life takes over sometimes, "normalcy"and comfort take effect and having sex 3 times a day is no longer physically possible, but this does not mean that she no longer has desire.

Nope. Not true. I can 100% vouch for the fact that I want sex more than my man, and usually always have. The stereotype that men are the ones pining for sex 24 / 7 and their partners are completely disinterested is not only false but offensive to those of us with higher sex drives. Yes, I said HIGHER. I do not mean HIGHER than a man, I just mean overall higher than most. Sexual appetites are INDIVIDUALISTIC and dependent on so many different factors and there is no way that anyone can claim that a man's sex drive is always higher than a woman's. So just stop that nonsense!

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OK, so here there may be a teeny, tiny bit of truth, when women get to be a bit older, they go through peri-menopause and menopause and their bodies are in complete hormonal turmoil this can, and often does, affect libido. This is not something that happens to every woman, but statistically it does happen to most. There are many hormonal therapies which can help with this decline in sexual desire, and if a woman notices this she can ask her doctor about it. Unfortunately, during this time there are also bodily changes which tend to affect sexual desire as well. Again, a trip to the doctor and some of these issues can easily be resolved.

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