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TooTimid.com went live September 12, 2000. What started down in South Florida has grown into one of the leading websites in providing adult novelties to women, men and couples around the world. Here is a little peek into what it can be like working here.

The first products we saw that freaked us OUT:

Fuck My Face Mega Masturbator

"I remember when this arrived to be put for sale in the store I just couldn't stop laughing. I think I had been here for about 5 years already. I mean, I get it, it's an oral sex toy and it IS super realistic. But how do you just not crack up handling this thing? We ended up trying to shove dildos into her mouth to see how stretchy she was and forgot lube! It was just hilarious." -Angela

Masturbating Glove

"I had to laugh when I first saw the Masturbating Glove. Honestly if it was silicone, I would use it to wash dishes!" -Ashley

The Great American Challenge

"After working in the warehouse for the first time, we were stocking inventory and I came across a dildo that I thought was huge, I wanna say it was . Turns out; it really wasn't. One of the girls pulled out "The Great American Challenge", which was easily the largest and most intimidating dildo I had ever seen. It shocked me that a dildo that big even existed. It was good to get a better feel though of the different and vast varieties of products that TooTimid has to offer." -Mackenzie

Double Delight Masturbator

"The double delight masturbator! I couldn't believe that it had teeth, a tongue, and tonsils!!!" -Jennifer

Drilldo Spiral Set

"The first product I saw a TooTimid that surprised me was the Drilldo. I just never expected to see a full size drill with a dildo on the end of it!!" -Elise

Fetish Fantasy Spider Gag

"The first product that shocked me on the site was the spider gag! It just looked so uncomfortable!" - Corin

Products we ended up actually LOVING!

G-Spot Glass Dildo

"I was unsure about the concept of Glass Dildos at first, but now they're one of my favorite types of toys! Before I knew more about the type of glass used, I would think about the horror of one splintering while inside..." -Ashley

The Flutter Bullet

"I was pleasantly surprised when we received the Flutter Bullet. For a small toy, it is SO strong! The tip really "flutters" and it's a great little bullet!" -Corin

Sorority Party Vibe

"I tried the Sorority Party Vibe, honestly without too much of an expectation because it is a beginner's vibrator, but the toy really packed a punch!!" -Elise

Funny things we've heard around the office:

"Does anyone see the handjob thing lying around anywhere?" -Angela looking for an article that was printed off

"You know, like if you see a page of dicks, how do you know which one is going to be the best for someone? We have to find a way to guide someone to the right cock." -Angela working with the Content Team

"One time, I was working on an animated gif that had text from a popular blog. The original text was something sensual like, "use your fingers to explore your...", but I misspelled the word "fingers" as "giners". I didn't realize it until I played the whole animation back to myself, but the text said something like "use your giners to explore your...", and I could not stop laughing about it! The graphic was serious in tone, trying to be sexy, but the text was just ridiculous." -Ashley

"Although I've only worked here for a short time, the word that I still crack up hearing in the office is cock. I'm not exactly sure why, but just because it's not a word you hear everyday and using it in a completely normal conversation in the office is still so funny to me for some reason." -Mackenzie

A Casual Conversation With Customer Service (we all got pretty excited to see a sex doll blown up)

Ways we didn't realize we were helping people:
"I love to share Customer Reviews in the newsletter, it helps everyone connect on shared experiences. I think reviewers also get a kick out of a little showcase moment, sharing their story. I wasn't sure how interested others would be in reading reviews, but it has turned out to be a popular feature in our weekly newsletters. I think it helps readers see things from different perspectives, and I think reviews often help other customers feel more adventurous about trying products." -Ashley

"I've received emails, phone calls, and reviews from women and couples around the world who are just enjoying their lives again by just using sex toys. You wouldn't believe it. Or maybe you would because you're on TooTimid.com right now and you may be looking for a product to play with? I just didn't realize the impact we can have on someone's relationship not just with another person, but with themselves. Women write to me telling me they've finally had their first orgasm. It's incredible. We really, really appreciate every single person who has supported us and what we do. I can't wait to see where we are this time next year!" -Angela

"I think I underestimate how beneficial the blogs can be for people who really need that extra help with searching for products, tips etc. Even with formatting the existing blogs, as an avid blog reader, I know that I like when something is clean looking and user friendly, so it's important to me to have that consistency with each blog on the site that I work on." -Mackenzie

"I didn't realize how writing a very detailed description of a product and all its many functions can be so helpful. People are buying these products site unseen so they deciding which product to buy based on your words." - Jennifer

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