5 Ways To Rub Her G-Spot

Ah, the G-Spot! That little, spongy point of heaven that every woman wishes her lover could find and stimulate! A woman’s G-Spot is the internal epicenter of all things ORGASMIC! Located a mere 2-3 inches inside her vagina, on the UPPER (belly side) wall, the G-Spot is responsible for intense pleasure when stimulated correctly! Yes, even without trying a man can stimulate this lovely spot with his fingers, penis and sometimes TONGUE! However, if your lover KNEW exactly where and how to stimulate the G-Spot, well, then there would certainly be some fireworks and a very, very, thankful woman! So, even if you think you are a proficient G-Spot stimulator read on and find 5 ways to stimulate her G-Spot tonight!

How To Give Her A Gspot Orgasm!

Undoubtedly one of the most successful ways to stimulate her G-Spot is to provide a firm and constant pressure to her spot with your finger (or fingers). The G-spot is not exactly like the clitoris, it requires a firmer touch. The G-Spot gets more sensitive the more aroused she is, so the first trick is to always bring her to orgasm, clitorally, as many times as you can. Then, when you begin the internal stimulation it will be much more pleasurable. You should locate the G-Spot (feels like a slightly rougher, spongy patch of skin), and then press on it. Hard. Use your finger and sort of bend it (the come hither motion) and tap the spot repeatedly. Tap. Then rub. Tap. Then rub. Pay attention to your lover’s reactions. When she starts to react favorably, keep up the pressure. Don’t relent. Keep pushing and rubbing that spot with your fingers while continuing clitoral stimulation as well. The longer you go at it, the more likely she will have a G-Spot orgasm. However, don’t worry if she doesn’t guys, because G-Spot stimulation feels AMAZING even if it doesn’t end in a big O!

Sometimes a woman requires SO much stimulation of her G-Spot that a man’s fingers just get tired. Yeah, it is fun to do but we are talking about 20 minutes to a half hour or more of direct stimulation for most woman, and some men start thinking about football scores in that amount of time. OK, I am kidding, but still. It can take a while. So sometimes it is advisable to employ a little extra help. Enter: the G-Spot toy! G-Spot toys are specially designed with a curved end to reach and stimulate the G-Spot easily. The most successful ones are HARD (glass or hard plastic) so that the pressure can be constant. Then, you simply get your girl aroused; find her spot with your fingers first, then place the toy in (well lubed) and start the pressure as you would with your fingers. Rub the toy around her spot, circles and hard pressure. Use your free hand (or mouth) to stimulate her clitoris and watch the fireworks!

It is true; you CAN reach and stimulate her G-Spot with your penis! Now, if you think about the logistics of this, if your penis has a natural CURVE to it, more than likely facing DOWN, then the best way to put your penis in optimal G-Spot pleasing zone is to have your woman in a downward facing position – like DOGGY! Then, you have to figure out how to “hook” the end of your penis on her spot! This means resisting the urge to go full penetration, but instead enjoy some shallow stroking! Get her to angle herself downward (face on pillow) so that her butt is up high, then insert your penis and enjoy a few, long strokes to open her up. Then, feel for the spot with your penis (or pay attention to her reactions) and then concentrate on hitting that spot with your penis. This should feel good to you, too, so enjoy it! Once you hit that spot you will know it – so keep on going as long as you can and watch your woman acting eagerly to get more!

Contrary to what you may have heard or read, you CAN reach her G-Spot with your tongue – and a few, lucky ladies’ bodies will actually make that really easy for you! The trick is to make her REALLY aroused. LIKE SUPER SOAKING aroused! Then, you need to get access to the spot. How do you do that? You have her on her back, you force her legs apart and back as far as they can go, and then you open her vagina up with your fingers and the spot will be right there for your tasty tongue to tease! The more aroused she is; the more swollen the G-Spot will be! So, once you have her wet and ready, then place your tongue inside her and feel for that rough spot. Once you have it, use your tongue to stimulate it. This is a super intense feeling with a tongue because your tongue has a bit of texture, too. It is an exhilarating experience and one worth trying. You have to remember to keep that tongue stiff – and use a finger if you get tired!

5 Ways To Tell You Found Her G-Spot

So, all the aforementioned methods have pretty much talked about pressure and specific, targeted stimulation. Now it is time to talk about an extra effective method: pressure PLUS vibration! While some G-Spot toys do offer vibration (and you can certainly go that route) I have found that the more successful vibrator is, well, a standard, run-of-the-mill, plastic, old-school vibrator. You know, like the one your Mom may have had? (OK, EWWWIE). These hard plastic toys are like giant bullets. The no-muss, no-fuss design puts all the pleasure at the tip – and that is where you want it! Bullets are a bit too small to angle to the right area, but a standard vibe can be just the orgasmic ticket! Get your girl all worked up, then slide in a well-lubed vibe and find the spot. Then, push hard and dial up the vibrations! She will be moaning and writhing in no time.

Mikayla’s Tip: Keep in mind that variety is the spice of life! Switch things up, try different angles and techniques and your lady will be loving all the possibilities!

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