4 Things SHE Should Stop Being Cocky About In The Bedroom

When we think of the word “cocky” we don’t always associate it with a woman. However, make no mistake, women can be, and often are, cocky too. Women can brag and boast about their sexual skill, their body parts, and their ability to drive men wild. Sometimes this comes off as cocky and, really, they should just stop. Yes, ladies, take a seat and read about all the bedroom no-nos you are doing!

Ladies, if you have a hot body, everyone knows it. If you do yoga, hit the gym, keep yourself fit – we all know it. If you have nice boobs, great legs or even a magnificent ass – we all know it. Even if your body is not tip-top shape, you know what body parts are slamming on you, right? So, quit being cocky about it!Why? Men notice. Women notice. Everyone notices. When you are in the bedroom talking about how flat your stomach is, how firm your breasts are – it can actually be a TURN OFF. Yes, I said it. The man in your life (or the woman) wants to see you, touch you and enjoy you – but he doesn’t need nor desire the cockiness that goes with it. Tis true. Ask your dude.

This one goes just as much for the gals as it does for the guys: if you are good at oral sex – GREAT – enjoy and your man will be very thankful. However, if you are NOT as good as you think you are, you may come off looking a bit stupid in the end. Sure, men love a blowjob (whether off the charts magnificent or just OK) – but what they don’t want is to be all hyped up waiting for the “porno grade” BJ that doesn’t deliver. The best thing to do ladies is to SHOW him how good you are without saying a word. Not. A. Word. Just go to town on him like there is no tomorrow and knock his socks off!

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We all want to be “the best lay you have ever had.” No joke. We do. We want you to remember what we did to and with you in bed and we want you to come back for more and more. We really do. When you do have some of those sexy skills, there is no need to be cocky about it – just DO IT! Go with the Nike phrase – Just Do It! Much like having oral sex prowess, being able to rock his world in bed is something he will notice. Trust me. He will know if you are a good lover. However, if you tell him how great you are in bed and then, well, aren’t, he won’t be coming back for more. However, if you have an “off night” and it isn’t spectacular but having been cocky, he will most likely give it another go. The cue here is to shut the mouth and show him what you got!

The biggest cocky no-no for gals is to brag about how your past “boyfriends couldn’t get enough of you.” Or how “they still want to get back in bed with you” or any variation on that. Bragging that you were “the best he ever had” and bringing the image of you with another dude into the mind of your current guy – STUPID with a capital “S.” Being cocky about all the men who you have left in the dust is not a good way to keep the one you have. Men are not stupid, they hear what you say and they put it all together. You will either come off as immature and insecure OR you will come off like the girl soon to be THEIR ex-girlfriend. There is no need to EVER brag or be cocky about what you did with the guy(s) before. Just shut up and enjoy the moment. Got it? Good.

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