12 Times She Thought WTF! During Sex

Sex is a time of exploration, excitement, and untold thrills, but it’s not without its moments. Sometimes, things take a turn and you might leave your partner feeling a little surprised! These moments aren’t necessarily bad, but sex comes with such intense energy and passion, it’s bound to happen from time to time. Here are 12 scenarios she thought WTF during sex!

1. Quick To Cum

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Sometimes guys cum a bit sooner than expected. It happens. But if you’re in the middle of great sex and you suddenly orgasm, she might think, “Oh WTF, I wasn’t finished with you!”

2. Surprise Sexy Time!

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You’re in the mood and you just want to GO FOR IT. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it may come as a surprise to your partner who is quietly sitting beside you reading a magazine. You push her over, strip her jeans, and start eating her out before she even puts down the magazine. “Hey WTF – ahhhhh.”

3. Unexpected Aggression

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If you’re not typically the aggressive type in bed and one night you start man-handling her, rolling her around, and nipping at her flesh in a fury of sexual passion, she’s bound to be surprised. Your grunts and growls will inspire feelings of both lust and WTF.

4. Check Out These Moves

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You pick up her legs and twist her into this wild position you read about online. Not only does she not know what position you expect her to be in (forcing you to position her completely on your own), but at first, it might feel uncomfortable or simply inconvenient. “WTF? Go back to missionary!” might go through her mind before you get her in place and show her what you have in store.

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5. We're Done?

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Nothing is more WTF worthy than an intimate night ending immediately after you have had an orgasm. If you came, kissed her on the forehead, rolled over, and went to sleep, she’s probably unsatisfied and disappointed. This is not the way you want to surprise her!

6. Goin’ All Night Long

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Sometimes, your sexual endurance might increase tenfold and you end up lasting a lot longer than you or your partner would expect. “Dayumm, where did this stamina come from?” is sure to cross her mind while she’s trying to get you to cum.

7. Oh! That’s My Butthole!

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Doing anything with or around the butt without warning will DEFINITELY make her think WTF! Even an accidental caress or a gentle poke to see how she responds will lead with shock. Tread cautiously – because she might tell you to get out if you take it past her comfort zone!

8. What Did You Just Call Me?

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Unexpected dirty talk can be both unbelievably hot and shocking! If you’re going about your sex routine and suddenly call her your naughty little slut, then of course she is going to think WTF. Can you imagine if you said that to her in passing? It can be a surprise even in bed!

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9. Oh My Queef

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Queefing is normal during sex, but if you aren’t expecting it, it can cause quiiite the WTF moment for both you and your partner. “WTF was THAT?” It doesn’t need to interrupt your play – just laugh it off and move on!

10. Blow Job Finale

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Most couples incorporate oral sex in their standard sexual play, but she’ll be saying, WTF over and over in her head if you suddenly cum. Surprise cum in or around the mouth would startle anyone. You might want to give her a little warning next time so she has a chance to prepare!

11. Rough Stuff

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Rough sex is a lot of fun, but if it is completely unexpected, she will be thinking, “WTF is going on?” If all of a sudden you start biting her and pulling her hair and then you give her a real rough pounding, she’ll be wondering where your impressive primal urges came from and look for something to hold on to!

12. Super Slippery

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Maybe she’s REALLY wet or you used a dab too much lube, but she’s thinking WTF because it’s unbelievably slick down there! The slipperiness gives both you and her new sensations. She’ll be surprised by how wet everything is getting, especially when it starts to get all over the bed!

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