5 Things HE May Be Embarrassed About In The Bedroom

Do you think that women are the only ones who have some embarrassing moments or concerns when it comes to sex? Of course men can have some things that make them, well, less than confident! Let’s face it, sex is a very intimate experience where all your, well, everything, is out for inspection. It is also a place where we feel our most insecure – so if you think that men are never worried, read on you may be surprised! Also, if you are a dude and think you are the only one with these thoughts, you can learn you’re not alone.

Any man will tell you, he is VERY aware of the size of his penis. Too small and he will worry he won’t satisfy his lover. Too large and he is afraid he may hurt her. Yes, it doesn’t matter whether big or small, men are worried about the size, shape, curve, color or bend of their penis! This can cause embarrassment, especially if the little guy is literally a LITTLE GUY.Not to mention that fear can make him, well, hide! So, one of the most common issues for men in the bedroom is, of course, their penis. Never fear fellas, it true what they say, “it ain’t what you got, but how you use it!”

5 Things SHE Might Be Embarrassed About In Bed

Yup. Men too. Sure, every guy would love to be super chiseled with those 6-pack abs, but the reality is, most men have extra cushion for the pushin’ too! They can gain weight, have a poochy tummy, even acquire what is non-politically correct referred to as “man boobs” and this does not thrill them either! Body issues happen to ALL people – men or women. While the assumption is that men don’t worry about their bodies, that is so not true.

One thing that is unique to the male gender is a surplus of body hair! Armpits, chest, back, thighs – hair can be EVERYWHERE. Some men have just a little hair on their chests – like the “golden trail” that leads down the middle. Others are completely full of hair – including their backs. This can be embarrassing for some men because of the stigma some women attach to hairy bodies. Men have endured painful waxing to remove back hair. Others wish they had more. The fact is, when you are naked it is all out there! Hair, hair everywhere. Women usually don’t care….that much. If your lady is not liking the furry look, discuss some options or just be who you are – hairy or not.

Even though it takes two people to have sex, men put a lot more pressures on themselves to “perform” in the bedroom. Sometimes this pressure results in a lack of ability to get an erection! OH NO! This has to be THE most embarrassing thing to happen to a man in the bedroom. He will elicit a quiet, “I’m sorry, that NEVER happens…” and then shrinks under the covers. You know what guys? It DOES happen. To EVERY MAN. More than you think. Mild erectile dysfunction characterized by the inability to achieve an erection, happens to men all the time. It is embarrassing – no doubt – but it is fairly common and can be normal. Now, if you find that you are constantly having this issue, go see the doctor and inquire about some medical testing. Yes, I know, this TOO is embarrassing, but I guarantee you, your doctor has heard the same complaint a billion times.

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Sex is fun. Sex feels good. Sex causes orgasms. Sometimes MUCH more quickly than we would like. Like MUCH more quickly. If you (or your dude) suffers from the untimely pre-release of his ejaculation (aka premature ejaculation) then I assure you, it’s embarrassing. Every guy wants to be the energizer bunny in the bedroom, delivering hours upon hours of pleasure. The fact is – that is not gonna happen. Ever. Not with all the Viagra in the world. However, if your guy is lasting under a minute, well, that may not be ideal for either of you. This, too, is common. This, too, has remedies. Things you can do to make yourself last longer. Yes, there are exercises and yes, they do work. That is for another article, though.

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