5 Things Men Say and Do In Bed That Make Women Cringe

Oh guys, you know that sometimes you put your foot in your mouth, right? Or, let’s admit it sometimes women take offense to things that their man says even if it is not meant to be upsetting. The truth is, men can definitely make their woman cringe in the bedroom with some of the things they do, or say. Here are just 5 things that men say or do in the bedroom that make their woman CRINGE!

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Ugh. Don’t get me started on this one. Nothing takes things from hot to not more quickly than a man who NEEDS you to scream his name during sex! Listen guys, if you doubt that we know who we are in bed with then do not go to bed with us! Also, some things need to happen naturally, and if we want to scream your name during sex we will do it without you telling us to!


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In what world is it EVER acceptable to pass gas under the covers and trap your partner down there? Do you seriously think this is funny? Furthermore, do you think that this is sexy behavior that is going to make us want to have sex with you? Think again dude, this is gross and not really that funny to us. It is especially NOT funny right before we are about to have sex. So, the next time your taco buffet lunch is coming back to haunt you, exit the room and be a gentleman and put yourself under the covers instead.

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NO. BABY. TALK. EVER. Let me repeat this: NO BABY TALK EVER! We do not want our parts discussed in any way that makes us think of you as anything less than 100% grown man! Boobie-woobies, or nippy ippys or anything even remotely close to baby talk is not something that is going to turn us on. Ever.


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If you say anything even remotely close to this while we are about to get intimate you should probably leave the bed. No, the room. No, actually, maybe the house. Yes, it is that serious. Never, ever mention ANYTHING about her body other than how amazingly sexy she is. Any reference to any extra weight is never going to work well for you. If you want to have sex with her, and I know you do, then refrain from mentioning her weight. Always. Standard rule here.


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First, you really should know if she climaxed or not. If you don’t know for sure, then keep pleasuring her until you KNOW that she came. Nothing is more distracting when we are trying to cum than hearing you asking if we came repeatedly! We especially get irked if we know you are asking to satisfy your own egos instead of making sure that she is satisfied. Instead, make it your goal to pleasure her so well that there will be NO DOUBT that she came.

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