5 Things He Can Do Better In Bed

Hopefully, we all want to be the best lovers we can be. Men, being the competitive gender that they are, definitely want to be the best lover she has ever had! Sometimes, however, we can all get sort of stuck in the rut of doing things the same with each lover, or we stick to the moves we think work. Ultimately, the goal should be to grow as sexual partners, to increase our personal knowledge of each other, and to learn all the ins and outs of what makes our partner have the most pleasure. While, obviously, this is personal and specific to each couple, there are certain things that he can do in general to be better in bed. Here are just 5 of those things.

When I was in my youth and had more than one partner I was always amazed at the number of guys who would give me one orgasm (whether my oral or fingers or sex) and then assume, wrongly, that I was done! Granted, they would later confess that previous lovers only had one orgasm – if even one – so they were unaccustomed to a woman who could have more than one. Truthfully, all men SHOULD be trying to give their lovers as many orgasms as possible. I mean, isn’t it fun to give our lover pleasure?

When a relationship is new and exciting there is more romance mixed in with the sex. Men tend to say those words that make every woman swoon: “you’re so beautiful” or “you’re so sexy!” While these utterings don’t always stop in a long-term relationship, sometimes they do. Women have a different outlook on sex and often attach love to sex. Sex is a very intimate act for women and women tend to need a mixture of lust with love. Therefore, when he puts romance into the mix and reminds her of how he feels for her, it makes him that much better in bed.

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I am talking about kissing, cuddling, touching, caressing, oral sex – FOREPLAY! Especially in long term relationships. Remember when you were a new couple and you couldn’t wait to explore every inch of her body with your tongue? Do you recall those nights of giving her oral sex for what seemed like hours? How about kissing like teenagers and dry humping just because you are both so sexually charged? This is foreplay and it is instrumentally important to becoming a better lover. Warm her up sufficiently and you will have her begging for more and more sex.

Every woman will react to stimulation differently. Some women need a fast, hard, direct approach. Others may need or desire soft and slow touch. It is absolutely worth it to learn her special triggers and what will put her over the edge. When you take the time to learn (and re-learn) what really gets your lover off, then you become that much better in bed. Not only do we then know that you care about our pleasure, but we also get the added benefit of being touched in the way that we love the most. Figure out if your woman is aroused by nipple stimulation. Does she like the back of her knees kissed? What about oral sex – what techniques really make her go crazy? When you learn them, she will cum. Again and again and again.

This one really should go without saying, but it doesn’t. Women need oral sex. Yes, I said need, not want. Why? For more than 85% of all sexually active women the only way they will orgasm is with clitoral stimulation. What is the best clitoral stimulation? Yes, oral sex! So, having regular and good oral sex will make you way better in bed than any man who won’t perform it, doesn’t know how to perform it, or who uses it as his own warm up instead of hers. The best lovers are made down between her legs and when you perfect that craft, learn to make her climax, and do it often you will be a rock star lover!

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