10 Things Single Ladies Should Do On Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day – the day for lovers. Every year some single gals lament being alone on Valentine’s Day while others embrace their singledom and enjoy the day anyway. The truth is, while Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day to spend with your partner, it doesn’t have to be a downer if you find yourself single! Why not make your single V-Day a great day by taking on some of these suggestions.

A great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to get together with your other single girlfriends (or, coupled up girlfriends who may be free) and go out and have a fun girl’s night! Whether you go out to dinner or a club or just all get together at someone’s house, being with your besties is a great way to make Valentine’s Day entertaining and fun.

One thing that coupled up women tend to say is that they don’t get to see that “chick” flick that they have wanted to see. Well, if you are single on Valentine’s Day this is the best time to go and see that mushy, gushy film that you could never get a man to go and see with you. Get popcorn, candy and the drink that you want and just embrace doing something fun for yourself. You can even merge girl’s night into movie night by bring some gal pals with you.

If you want to take the idea of girl’s night a little further, go for a girl’s night plus by going to a strip club or some sort of entertainment venue. Whether it be “The Thunder Down Under” or even just a raunchy comedian, going somewhere that you can all whoop and holler and really have some laughs is the best way to make the most of your V-Day.

You know you want to watch ALL of the Grey’s Anatomies again – admit it, we won’t judge you! There are so many shows that we women love to watch again and again when we find ourselves single – or with some extra time on our hands. Why not make V-Day into a movie or television series watching marathon. Get in your jammies, buy some snacks that you love and sit your single butt on the couch and just chill. Who says you need a man to do Netflix and chill? I sure don’t!Intimate 

When is the last time you did something just for you? Got a manicure or pedicure or a facial? How about a full-body massage? Oh yeah, now you see where I am going. If you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day then treat yourself to the gift of a “you” day. Don’t skimp on anything, buy the deluxe package. Get the whole sha-bang and totally pamper yourself. No one deserves it more than you do!

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Have you been feeling a little stuck in your style? Why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to change up your hairstyle? Maybe you want to change up the color, add some layers, or even do something dramatic! Valentine’s Day is a great day to change up your personal style and come out of that salon feeling super confident and sexy. Who needs a man to feel good about yourself? Not you!

Admit it ladies, you know that retail therapy makes you feel good, right? While I am not suggesting you break the bank by buying everything in the store, but a day of window shopping and allowing yourself to buy a little something-something all for yourself is a definite way to enjoy a single Valentine’s Day.

Have you wanted to take a cooking class? How about skydiving? Ceramics? IF there is some experience that you have always wanted to do, but for whatever reason you haven’t done, do it on Valentine’s Day. Make yourself fearless and do something completely selfish just for you. Embrace your inner dreamer and invest the time into starting a new hobby or learning how to do something new.

Who says single girls can’t have a sexy Valentine’s Day? Not me! I have spent numerous Valentine’s Days dedicated solely to myself with the coup degras being some quality naked time with myself. Long masturbation sessions where the only person you want or need to please being yourself is a priceless experience. Watch some porn, get out your favorite toy, buy a NEW toy – be good to yourself sexually and enjoy the moment of seducing yourself and bringing yourself to climax after climax!

When is the last time that you took a long, hot bath? How about taking a bath with lit candles and a glass of wine? Oh yeah, now you are visualizing it. Get yourself into a complete state of relaxed Zen. Allow the wine to relax you and the warm, bath-salt infused waters to soothe your aching muscles. Then, after your bath move on to another activity like Netflix or a long masturbation session. Hell, if one thing on this list is a must-do – this one is definitely it.

What Will You Do This Valentine's Day?

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