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Spice Up Your Sex Life While Quarantining With Your Partner

Two women embracing indoors with fairy lights in the background.

The ongoing quarantine is something many of us are still struggling to adapt to. For couples who relied on dinner dates and entertainment as ways of spicing up their sex lives, the opportunity to look over at your partner and feel the sexual tension build is no longer a possibility.

Keeping things interesting in your relationship is essential both during and outside of a pandemic. Review our list of ways you and your partner can satisfy one another using these quarantine sex tips!

Eat Together

While it’s not the same as eating out and enjoying the atmosphere of somewhere that isn’t your home, couples quarantining together should put in the effort of eating together as well. Many of us are working remotely nowadays and may be taking lunch and snack breaks at odd times. These schedules can conflict with one another. Planning ahead and choosing a time for the two of you to eat together is a show of dedication that can reignite your chemistry and spice up your sex life. Order from your favorite restaurants, eat at home, and avoid distractions like the TV. Treat this situation like you would if you were out. Reconnecting with your partner on a romantic level makes for great foreplay and even better quarantine sex.

Want to really impress your significant other? Cook for them or with them! Spoil your lover by making their favorite dish, or try a new recipe together. Eating together is all about nourishing your bodies as well as the relationship you have with the person you’re eating with.

Reinvent Your Bedroom

Your surroundings have a huge impact on your mood. If you’re in a space that’s dark or dirty, you’re more likely to find yourself in a bad mood than if you were in a clean space with natural light. While we all have different levels of clean to strive for, we also all have limits on how much clutter we can handle before we begin to get frustrated or overwhelmed.

Redecorating or even just straightening up the bedroom you share with your partner can improve your quarantine sex life for many reasons. A well-organized bedroom is a satisfying sight, for starters. Instead of focusing on piles of laundry, you can focus on one another’s bodies and spicing up your sex life instead. Brightening up the space with a new coat of paint can change how you feel and make your bedroom more inviting. You can also reinvent your sex life by purchasing softer bedsheets or replacing old pillows. All of these changes, despite how minor they may seem, can change how you feel about your bedroom and get you in the mood!

Introduce Sex Toys

Now, more than ever, you and your partner need to bring sex toys into the bedroom! Sex toys are amazing tools that anyone who loves orgasms should check out—and that includes couples interested in quarantine sex!

There are plenty of reasons why we believe all sexually active couples should be using sex toys to spice up their sex life. Sex toys can help you and your partner explore fantasies the two of you may not be capable of achieving otherwise such as role reversal and double penetration without a third person. Sex toys are also capable of sensations and actions human bodies can’t mimic. Cocks don’t typically vibrate, and while your partner may get tired, sex toys do not. Automatic thrusting dildos and sex machines can go faster and harder for longer than any lover.

Besides the obvious benefits of including adult toys in your relationship during the era of quarantine sex, there’s also an emotional component that can amp up the passion. If the two of you are new to sex toys, you’ll need to have a conversation discussing any anxieties or insecurities you may have. This is a great chance to reassure one another of your bond before finding new ways to explore each other’s bodies!

Take a Shower or Bathe Together

We all need to bathe regularly, so why not take this ordinary activity and use it to spice up your sex life? Showering with another person is a very intimate experience that doesn’t necessarily have to lead to quarantine sex. Washing your lover’s body or massaging shampoo into their hair can be a small sign of dedication and care. Sometimes just physical contact and the appreciation you have for another person’s body can spark into something more like shower sex. Either way, it’s a great way to bond or increase sexual tension.

Naked couple in the shower with a sex toy.

If you have time in the evenings after a long day of work, the two of you should also consider trying a bubble bath. Add some nice-smelling bubbles, uncork a bottle of wine, light a few candles, and put on a romantic playlist to really get the two of you in the mood. You can even include a waterproof toy for a little extra sensation during your wet and wild quarantine sex!

Have Sex Outside Your Bedroom

We’ve already talked about how scenery affects your mood, so it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see how having sex in unconventional places can spice up your sex life. Try getting handsy in the shower, or seduce your partner into getting frisky on the kitchen counters or table. Some of these spaces may seem a little out of the ordinary, or even taboo, which is bound to make the entire experience that more exhilarating! You can even move between different rooms, like starting off with a little foreplay on the couch before moving to the bed.

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