10 Toys He Wants Under The Tree

Do you think that men do not want erotic gifts for Christmas? Do you assume all they want is football tickets? Well, while they would love those NFL tickets, the truth is they are expensive, and a few sex toys will save you a lot of money! Plus, this will let him know that you are thinking of taking him on the floor right under the glowing lights of the Christmas tree. Here are just 10 toy ideas that he would love to find under the tree.

1. Super Head Honcho

Masturbation sleeves are great gifts for your guys because they let him know you understand that he is going to masturbate! Many men feel funny telling their partners that they enjoy solo time, so let him see just how cool you are with it and give him this intense jelly masturbator. With 3 suction chambers and a tight vaginal entry, this will make his solo time extra special.

2. Tera Patrick Fleshlight

Tera Patrick is a very famous porn actress and this Fleshlight masturbator is made from a mold of her vagina! So, if your fella is a fan (and who isn’t) then he can have a little Tera Patrick Fantasy with his Fleshlight masturbator. Merry Christmas indeed!

3. Silicone Power Pump

Do you think that penis pumps are only for men with “teeny weenies?” Well, think again! Penis pumps can be used to make his penis wider and longer, yes, but it can also be used to masturbate. Another great benefit of penis pumping is that often the man will notice a harder erection which makes him feel like Superman! Give your man the gift of a superhero penis for Christmas!

4. Prolonging Delay Cream

Do you ever wish that sex could last just a little longer? Yeah, trust me, so does he! Even if it lasts pretty long he still wants it to last longer. This prolonging cream is just the thing he needs in his stocking. Whether he is using it with you or solo, this cream is designed to desensitize his penis just enough to take the edge off, so he can last longer in bed. Now that is the gift that keeps on giving.

5. Vibrating Hollow Strap On

Now this one is just plain FUN! This glow in the dark strap on hollow dildo fits OVER his semi-erect (or even limp) penis! That means if you want to keep on going (and he has finished or perhaps is having some difficulties with erections) the action can keep on keeping on! Plus, this dildo VIBRATES too! Whoo hoo. This is a gift you give to him, but also to yourself!

6. Prostate Massager

Does your man like a little “up the rear” play every so often? Of course, he does, it feels amazing! This prostate massager will take a little finger play and amp it up to AMAZING time. This prostate massager will hit him in all the right places. Whether he uses it alone or with you during a blowjob or hand job, this will bring the pleasure to the next level.

7. Featherweight Vagina and Anus

This is an elite masturbation device! This realistic and super erotic mold of a woman’s lower region – including her vaginal and anal opening – is a visual treat to say the least. He can masturbate with this in a variety of positions and each one is visually tempting. For an extra gift, offer to have a little “threesome” action with your man and his new “girl.” He will get to see you pleasing a woman and you don’t have to share him with someone real!

8. Cuddly Cub C-Ring

Cock rings are amazing gifts that benefit both of you. This one has a delightful little vibrating cat head that will buzz and stimulate your clitoris, while the cock ring portion will give him a little boost to his erection.

9. Leather Collar and Chain Leash

Give him the gift that will make him think and then go ….”ahhhhh.” This leather collar and leash can bring a hefty laugh or a devilish grin! See if your man is willing to crawl around on a dog leash to service you! Or, perhaps, you will be the one wearing the leash.

10. Stamina Trainer

Give him the gift of even better sex! This unique silicone teaser stimulates the most sensitive part of the penis with soft vibrating ticklers for incredible sensations for him and then gives him the lasting power to please you for longer. He can also use this to spice up his solo play.

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