TooTimid's Black Friday Deals!

Check Out Our Black Friday Deals!

It is that time again – time for the biggest shopping event of the year – BLACK FRIDAY!  While you are writing up your lists of all the deals to buy for your kids, family, friends and partner, remember to make a special list for those sexy somethings you can get from TooTimid!  We have so many tremendous deals on anything your heart (or body) desires!  Vibrators, Dildos, Penis Strokers, Sex Toys galore – you name it all at fantastic Black Friday price markdowns!  You can’t forget to shop for the lover in your life and TooTimid is the best place to do that!


The DEALS!  Black Friday deals are always the best time to shop for, well, anything, and sex toys are no different.  If you can save money, SAVE MONEY! So, check out the deals!

And why Too Timid?

TooTimid is a trusted source for all things sex and romance!  Not only have we been selling sexual enhancement products since the year 2000, but we have many characteristics that make us special.  We are extremely discreet; your package will be delivered in a non-descriptive box and your credit card statement will not elude to the type of purchase you have made.  There are real, live people working at TooTimid and each one is eager to help you by answering questions or explaining products if you need it.  Plus, our friendly staff is primarily female so there will be no awkward conversations if you are, well, timid about your purchase!  We are here to help!

Something that also makes us VERY unique is our amazing return policy!  Return a sex toy you say?  Yes, in certain circumstances we will offer you a chance to get a replacement item.  For example, if your product is defective or breaks (with normal use) within 1 year of purchase, we will replace it for you!  As long as you have your receipt and original packaging.  How cool is that?  Or, if you get a product that just isn’t for you, we will allow you to pick a new product if your original product is returned within 30 days of purchase in its original packaging.

There are a few minor exclusions (sex dolls, some clothing) but hey, to be able to buy without fear that you will not like your product is an amazing benefit!

Next, TooTimid offers a variety of shipping options and benefits.  We offer free express shipping if your purchase exceeds $65 and we offer next day and 2-day delivery (during standard times of the year) and you can always track your package to see exactly when your goodies should arrive!  Keep in mind if you live outside of the USA there may be longer shipping times, but we do cater to, well, anyone, but customs rules and extended processing times do apply.

We regularly give out free items with purchase.  They vary in type, but they are always special and FREE.  Yup, as in NO money.  So, you get a sexy something with your sexy something.  It is almost like a two-fer!  Can’t beat that with a stick.

TooTimid literally has any sexual enhancement product or toy you could imagine.  We cater to couples as well as singles.  We have tons of items for everyone.  For men we have penis pumps, masturbators, erection gels, prostate massagers, butt plugs, lubes, hollow strap-ons and more.  For women we have lingerie, dildos, vibrators, massagers, nipple clamps, butt plugs, strap-ons, dual actions, pussy pumps, jewelry and more.  Couple products range from games to flirty bondage kits, to actual restraints and bondage gear to lotions and massage oils to anything your horny heart desires!  In short, we have it all and nearly everything is in ample stock!

I am particularly proud of TooTimid’s educational section.  There are hundreds of articles on everything you could possibly dream of from what is the best sex toy to buy if you are a virgin, to dealing with dating sites, to how to handle erectile dysfunction.  TooTimid believes in providing a well-rounded experience all the way around, and this includes sexual knowledge.  We even have a discussion board where you can post questions and meet other forum members.  Like a big, happy family!

So now that I have told you exactly why you should shop at TooTimid this Black Friday, aren’t you eager to go and see the deals?  Need a vibrator?  Wife wants a dildo?  Perhaps you would like to try out some restraints?  Go and see all the great Black Friday deals on sex toys!  So, check out our Black Friday Deals!

Happy shopping!
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