How To Have A Hot Sex Life When You Have Kids

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Kids happen, right? In many relationships there is no longer just the two of you, but also children of various ages. Whether you have children together or bring children into a new relationship, the fact is that kids in the house can have a drastic effect on your sex life. How do you keep sex hot (and spontaneous) when you have kids?

What is more naughty then sending a sexy text to your lover right in front of your children? Or, sending a sexy snap of your private places to him or her while they are at work? These are methods of maintaining a sexy feel right under the noses of your unsuspecting children who would NEVER think their PARENTS would do such things! Get your lover all primed and ready and then use some of the other suggestions to get things done!

No, not for the adults, for the KIDS! Sleepovers are a highly underutilized plan of attack for keeping a sex life up and running. No, you can’t ship your kids to the neighbor’s house 3 times a week so you can get down and dirty in the living room, but you CAN (and should) use the time when your kids are out of the house to have some “kid free” sex. What does that mean? BE LOUD! Get naked in the middle of the afternoon. Have sex in the kitchen! Use the empty house to your advantage. Whether your kids are going to Grandma’s or the neighbor down the street, an empty house should mean some hot sex! In fact, if you have close friends who also have kids you can arrange a bi-weekly trade so that they can have a time to get freaky too! It’s a win-win-win-WIN!

How To "Sexify" Your Bedroom

Too many parents tell me, “I don’t want to lock the door, it sends the wrong message.” Um, what message is that? The message is, “this is my room and I need private time.” Kids should be able to lock their doors too (especially teenagers) so why can’t you? No one is suggesting you lock the door in the middle of a Saturday afternoon for 4 hours, but hey, after 10:30 pm on a Friday night you bet your butt you should lock the door. Stop worrying your kids are going to walk in – USE THAT LOCK!

Normally I would never suggest a television set in the bedroom, but you know what? If you have kids this is a necessity for many reasons, not the least of which is turning it on and UP while you and your partner are getting busy. Utilize the locking of the door, put on some loud action film (Transformers, Star Wars) and just use the sounds from the television to have some wild sex! Keep in mind some yelling may be badly timed so be careful not to out yell the television!

Say to your kids, “Dad and I are going for a long walk, do you want to come?” and suddenly every child has homework. Use this time to go out to the garage and get down and dirty in the mini-van. Yes, I wrote that. Lock the garage door and do the deed in the garage! Or, actually go for a walk in an area where you can have a nice, outdoor quickie! The idea is to keep the sex life hot and happening so what is hotter than getting out and having sex in a semi-public place or under the nosey noses of your children? Oh yeah, now you are feeling me!

If you are lucky enough to have a job that allows you a nice lunch hour and you are close enough to home to have lunch there, then why not skip the lunch and eat your partner instead? Lunchtime nookie is a highly underused method for keeping sex hot and heavy! Hey, on the rare occasion you could even meet in a hotel room close to work to have a sordid afternoon of pleasure before slinking back to the office! Where there is a will there is a way my friends!

Parents have been sneaking in sexy time in the shower forever and ever! Why? It is the one place and time when children are least likely to come in. Sure, if you only have one toilet it may get kinda dicey at times, but that is what a shower curtain AND a “please knock” rule are for! Shower sex is super fun and hot no matter when you are having it so why not save the water and shower together? Come on, don’t you want to scrub her back? Or, maybe her front?

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