6 Sexual Skills Everybody Should Have

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Have you ever heard that sex is a skill? Well guess what, it really is! Just like most things, practice makes perfect and there are always new techniques to be learning – continuing education as it were.

Being good in the sack is a skill that is acquired through many different components and, let’s be honest, is super fun to practice. So, what sexual skills should you hone in on? Here are just 6 of the biggies.

1. Know Your Body & Your Partner's Body

I firmly believe that for anyone to be a successful lover they have to understand how the human body works – our own and our partner's. To understand how to pleasure someone you need to firmly understand how their body works - where the sensitive spots are, where the clitoris is, where the prostate is, how sensitive the penis head is, how firmly to pinch nipples without pain – and other body specifics. Similarly, you should understand how your OWN body works. Exploring what you like and don’t like with your own body is so important to making sex fun and exciting.

It also helps to understand the sexual specifics of how the body works. For example, the penis isn’t always rock hard, it will naturally go through stages of hardness. Or, how a vagina-owners may not climax during intercourse and needs clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Knowing how the human body works is absolutely top priority.

2. Partner Awareness

Okay, if you are like most people you are not only going to have one sexual partner your entire life and as such you really need to be aware of your current partner’s likes, dislikes, passions, fantasies and what “buttons” really get your partner going. Even if you are in your first ever relationship the rule is the same: you must be aware of what your partner wants and needs. Don't make an assumption that because a previous partner liked something, that your new one automatically will.

Getting to know your partner is a truly fun and exciting part of a sexual relationship. Exploring bodies, learning those special “hot spots” that can render them breathless, figuring out how to make them climax over and over – these are instrumental in making your sex lives wonderful and exciting. No “good” lover has ever become so by ignoring what his or her partner needs and only self-serving. Sex is a delicate dance where you both have to support the other. That is the primary skill of sex that, if observed, will be the ultimate for you both.

3. Pleasure Reciprocation

If you are able to get pleasure out of giving someone else pleasure, you will be a much more passionate lover simply because you are not “waiting for your turn” but instead getting satisfaction from pleasuring your partner. There is nothing quite as sexy as knowing that your partner is completely aroused by getting you off!

When your partner is giving an enthusiastic blowjob that they are so clearly enjoying or when your partner is going down on you and you can tell they love that they are pleasuring you - that right there is the ultimate turn on in bed! Take time to enjoy what you are sharing with your partner, let their pleasure fuel your pleasure and the result will be an extra hot sexual session.

4. Be Open To Trying New Things

By this I do not mean that you should try things that you know for sure you're not interested in. Consent always comes first! But I do mean that you should try your best to not be prudish in bed, try your best to be open to new things, explore sex outside of the bedroom and keep things fresh and fun. Sex CAN and often does become stale in longer term relationships. We tend to get stuck in a rut sexually and while this is normal in a relationship, it is up to the couple to break out of that redundant mode.

So, a great sexual skill to have is knowing how to embrace new ideas, new fantasies, and new sexual techniques to make sex alive and new. Being open to trying a fantasy that your partner has is so important – but to do that you have to ASK what they are. Taking a vested interest in the current desires of your partner is important. When we have a partner who is open to making sex new and exciting, even after years of being together, then sex takes on a new level.

5. Perfect The Basics

To be a good lover you really should actually know some sexual techniques. Oral sex skills are absolutely essential to a well-rounded sexual relationship. This means knowing the anatomy, knowing your partner and trying new things – consistently – to continue to surprise them with your skills. You should pay attention to the cues your partner gives you, pay attention to what gets them extra hot, concentrate on learning new things. Watch porn. Yes, I said it. Watch porn, google sexual techniques, read the articles here from our wonderful writers. In short, just be fearless in trying new things and make your sexual skills a step above the normal.

Kissing is essential. Yes, kissing is a skill. We all do kissing differently and that is one of the best parts of sex. Kissing, though, sometimes gets pushed to the background after the first few times connecting sexually. Why? Why do we forget to kiss? Kissing passionately is a skill and even more it is something that amps up sex in general so learn to kiss and enjoy it!

6. Relax & Have Fun

Despite what you may think, being able to have fun during sex IS a skill. Not everyone knows exactly how to let go, be comfortable, be open to sex and all that it involves while, honestly, having fun. There is a great quote, “If there is not laughter during sex you must be doing it wrong.” I believe this. Sex is not a perfect activity. Things happen. Sometimes funny things happen. Enjoy them! Laugh when that fart slips out during oral! Yes, I said it. Tickle your partner during foreplay.

Don’t take sex so seriously all the time and allow the fun and playfulness of it to take hold. Yes, you can and should be passionate, but you also should have fun and enjoy being together. Not everything has to be so serious when it comes to sex so have fun! Enjoy yourself, enjoy pleasuring each other, laugh, giggle and just let yourself have the most fun each and every time you connect with your partner.

What Sexual Skills Do You Have? Brag About It Anonymously Below!


  • Rick

    I like to make sure that the woman I’m with cums at least three times before I do, and before I enter her. I do this with a combination of tongue, fingers, and vibrators. When I do finally enter her, it makes her orgasm all the more stronger and intense. And I DO LOVE watching her face as she cums each time (if I’m in the right position.) The look on a woman’s face as she cums is glorious!

  • "Stardog"

    I’ve been a “cunnilinguist” since my late teens. I knew from the get go that I WANTED to be PUSSY EATING, CLIT TEASING EXPERT 😁😋💯‼️
    I’m now 55, and my wife is 52.
    As we all know (or eventually learn) as a woman gets older, it becomes more difficult to bring her to orgasm by intercourse alone, not bragging here, but I can easily get my wife to orgasm NO LESS THAN 12 – 15 TIMES by eating her pussy. SHE INSISTS THAT I DO, so I have no problem believing her as evidenced by her erotic, physical reactions, not to mention the FLOOD OF HER “CUNT HONEY” THAT SHE PRODUCES 😋💯‼️
    Just within the past year, I was finally able to make her SQUIRT, which has been a goal of ours since we first discussed it over 4 years ago, and a deep desire of hers since she learned that it is possible for a woman to do when she was in her 20s.
    I will suggest, to ANY MAN that wants to improve his oral prowess, to watch LOTS OF LESBIAN PORN, a woman know more about how to get a woman off simply because women KNOW THE VAGINA, BETTER THAN ANY GUY DOES, PERIOD.
    We just yesterday received our most recent order from TOO TIMID, and one of the toys we ordered is a glass g spot dildo, and we would love some advice as to how to properly AND SAFELY heat it up without making it TOO HOT to where it could hurt her “kitten”.
    Any advice from any women that has this experience and knowledge on this forum would be GREATLY APPRECIATED, as we have heard that heating them up can take her to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL 😁😋😁😋😉
    Thanks in advance.

  • Djs

    I love to eat pussy and I can get my women off multiple times. I would rather give 10 orgasms
    To my lover than have one myself

  • W4shte

    I agree with Michelle. Far too many women are man pleasers due to porn influence and partner insistence … not cool to not swallow or like anal for example.
    Sex should be enjoyable by both partners …
    Women, stop being sexual doormats and enjoy good sex with the right partner and have lots of fun

  • Toby

    I’ve learned how to bring a woman to orgasm through oral sex. Licking the vagina is sexually satisfying for me to bring her to orgasmmultiple times helps me maintain an erection for the final event

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