VIDEO- Angela & Bethany Answer Sex Related Questions

Sexperts Answer Questions About: SEX!

Watch below as Angela & Bethany answer some of questions about their own experiences with sexual encounters. Let's be honest, we all remember how awkward our first time was and how little we knew about how to actually have a pleasurable experience at that point! Well, most of us, I'm sure there are a lucky few who had a wonderful experience their first time having sex. In this video the Sexperts will tell you what they wish they knew to make that first experience better. Not only that but they will take you into their own personal preferences when it comes to what turns them on. This video is packed with tips and tricks for both men and women! Check it out and leave a comment below telling us what you wish you knew the first time you had sex. 

What did you wish you knew the first time you ever had sex?!?! Leave a comment below and let us know!

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