7 Vaginal Oral Sex Tips Everyone Should Know

Oral sex is a healthy and natural part of a healthy sex life. Not only does it feel incredible, but women will only climax during oral sex or finger stimulation. This means if you want to make your woman cum, you should be down between her legs! So, if you are curious about how to amp up your cunnilingus skills or are just a beginner, here are 7 oral sex tips everyone should know!

I know you are confused here, right? After all, the clit is what drives her crazy! You know it is the central place for all things wonderful, wet and tingly but I want you all to AVOID the clit for a bit. Why? Well, anticipation is a giant part of amping her up and getting her ready for that orgasm. Plus, wouldn’t it be fun to play around down there a bit before you go right for the hot button? She has a lot of other yummy spots to pamper before you go for the goal – so take your time, explore other parts of her, breathe hot air right on her sensitive spots – but take your time getting to the clit. It will be worth the build-up, I guarantee!

Women are blessed with 2 sets of vaginal lips (also known as labia) that also can provide a wonderful amount of pleasure to her. Especially those inner lips which protect her clitoris and vaginal entrance. Playing with her lips via gently pulling, sucking, licking and otherwise playing with them will drive her absolutely wild! In fact, if you spread her inner lips open with your fingers while you lick around and inside of her it will feel much more intense than if you let the lips hang naturally. Also, for some women, licking and rapidly moving the lips can build up to an orgasm much more quickly.

Do you think that there is only one way to eat her out? There are countless wonderful ways to give her oral attention. The most successful methods are when you vary what you are doing and keep her guessing! Spend some time sucking on her lips, then around her inner thighs, then maybe her clit for a bit. Try different techniques. Add in a little clit nibbling, or perhaps even suck in her vaginal lips gently and release and repeat. The gist of this is to give her multiple stimulations that build her up to a beautiful orgasm at the end!

How Does Oral Sex Help Her Cum?

Your fingers are a wonderful addition to oral sex. Whether you are holding her vaginal lips open, flicking her clit a bit, pulling on her lips or just fingering her in general – the fingers are an important part of the play. In fact, close to the time of orgasm a finger or two placed inside the vagina internally stimulating her while you concentrate on her clit with your tongue can bring her hastily to a very intense orgasm! Women like different types of fingering – some like rapid and deep penetration, others like just a tease of a finger inside, while others may like a few fingers stretching and filling them. Experiment with what she likes and see what delivers her to the land of orgasm!

Keep in mind that a little finger stimulation to the anus can be extremely fun and erotic, and even women who do not think they like anal play (or who do not like anal sex) can go nuts for a little finger insertion during oral. There are rules to this, of course, one of which is to never just jam a finger up there! You must lubricate it (preferably with lube, but a lot of spit works too). You also must NEVER go from the butt to the vagina. That is a sure fire way to give her a nasty infection. The idea is just to give her some stimulation, not full on penetration.

Ahhhh, the G-Spot. That wonderful spot inside her vagina that is about 2-3 inches inside on the top (belly) side. While there are many different roads to take here, (a) try to make her have a G-Spot orgasm or (b) just stimulate her G-Spot for some extra sensations without a goal of a G-Spot orgasm. Either way, when you are down between her legs and teasing her with your tongue it is the absolute perfect time to see what stimulating her G-Spot will do!

One of the most disappointing things for a woman is to get oh, so close to an orgasm and then BAM – it goes away! That is why it is so important that once you start to get her riled up and close to her climax that you DO NOT stop. I don’t care if your tongue is cramping and your mouth is chapped – DO NOT STOP! Think about what it would be like if she was about to make you orgasm with her mouth and then she stopped. Yep, now you get it! So, if you can tell it is getting closer to climax time and what you are doing is working just keep going until she orgasms! You can do it!

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