5 New Ways To Masturbate

Huh? Seriously? I know you are thinking that this must be a ridiculous article, because how can there be more than one way to masturbate? If you are a man, especially, this probably strikes you as a completely ludicrous idea, after all, don’t you just stroke your penis? Is there really more than one way to “skin the snake,” so to speak? How many different “ways” is there to do this? Women, however, may be more accepting to the idea that there is more than one way to get it done, but may be stuck on their favorite. So, if you want to know some different ways to masturbate, read on my friends, you may just find something wonderful to try tonight!

I wish I could take credit for this tip, but I can’t. I read about it a while back and thought it was brilliant! It will work for both men and women (although the tip was just for the guys). One of the things about masturbation is that it always feels somewhat the same, especially for the guy. However, what if you could make it feel like it is not actually YOU pleasing yourself? Yup. So, to do this you will sit on the hand you plan to use for masturbation (usually, your dominant hand) until it goes numb. Like N U M B. Then, you proceed as per normal. This makes it feel like you are not the one doing the action. It seriously works! The key here is to make sure your hand is really like a dead appendage. It was a very interesting sensation for sure.

A variation on the them above is the switch hitter, when you use your non-dominant hand to perform the action. Men have been hearing about this for years, using the opposite hand to make the sensations different, but women can use it too! We are not as adept at using our non-dominant hand, so when we do, the sensations vary completely and often we use more or less pressure, go more slowly, or even find spots we miss when we play with our dominant hands! It is also sometimes fun to switch between the dominant and non-dominant hands, just for variety.

OK guys and gals, if you do not use lube for personal playtime then this is something you SHOULD try. I am not talking about your mother’s scented lotion, I am talking about bonified lubricant. Lubricant is less sticky, more slippery, longer lasting and allows whatever is going on to slip and slide easily around. For the men, this means that you will be able to stroke faster and get a much smoother (less drag) stroke. Women, your fingers or toys will slide around effortlessly and provide a much more fluid experience. Lubrication during masturbation is not a new concept, but so many people are resistant to it that I feel I must add it in as a new way to masturbate.

How To Make More Time For Masturbation

OK, so we all know women have B.O.B.s at their disposal, but they do not always use them. For some women using a toy is not technically “masturbation.” For men, they assume, usually incorrectly, that all they need is their hands. WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG! Using a sexual product such as a Vibrator to aid in your masturbation time makes every time a new experience! For the guys, pick a Masturbation Sleeve that can add some texture, vibration or tension to your masturbation time. There are so many options, including realistic vaginas, that can add a visual element as well. For women, come on, the toy options are fairly limitless and can change the experience literally every time you play. If you have a standard vibe, you can use it internally, externally or flip back and forth. There are internal toys, external toys, dual actions, bullets, anal toys – the list goes on and on and on. If you change a toy, you change your masturbation routine and it becomes a whole, new experience!

I read an article not too long ago on “Visualization Masturbation” and I was completely blown away by the idea! In this type of masturbation, you don’t actively touch yourself – at least not immediately. Instead, you allow your arousal to grow and grow via visualizing the stimulation. This can be achieved in more than one way, but the two most popular ways are watching porn and fantasizing. Obviously, when you watch porn you can literally see the sexual activity that is being performed by other people, whereas in the fantasy option you can imagine whatever you want, and put yourself into the scenario. Both have their pros and cons, but research suggests that women will do better with the fantasy, and men with the porn. The idea is that you fantasize or watch the porn and do NOT touch yourself, but instead imagine that what you are seeing or fantasizing about is being done to you. You literally begin to feel the sensations through your imagination. Then, when you are so aroused you can barely stand it, THEN you touch yourself. This seems to render a much more intense (and quicker) orgasm than with standard “play as you watch” type activity! Give it a go, I’d love to know how it worked for you!

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