VIDEO - Meet Felicia And See Her 5 Favorite NEW Toys!

Meet Felicia And See Her 5 Favorite New-Arrival Toys From!

1. Multi-Speed Vibrating Dildo

This multi speed vibrating dildo is not only intense, but it's realistic features are what makes this a great overall toy. The tapered tip is designed to comfortably fit into the shape of your G-spot for the most direct stimulation possible. The easy-to-use dial allows your to control a range of speeds to find your ultimate pleasure!

2. Pink Crystal Jelly Dildo


With flexibility and texture, the crystal dong is a girthy dildo with a shaft covered in veins and added sensation to massage your inner walls. The lifelike jelly material will leave you in writhing ecstasy every time you use it! No need for a suction cup with this guy, because the toy's size is enough to peak any woman's interest.

3. Multi-Speed Vibrator 

The multi-speed vibrator graduates in it's size from the base to the shaft for a more 'full feeling' nearest your G-spot. The settings range from medium strength, to powerful and intense! The base is easy to grip as you thrust this toy in and out, or hold it against your clit. Any setting or use with this toy will be lead to an amazing solo experience!

4. Sleek Multi-Speed Vibrator 

The perfect beginner's toy comes in the form of the Sleek Multi Speed Vibrator. This vibrator delivers in length, and with it's ranging speed settings, you're sure to find a function that will bring you over the edge. Control the action with the dial at the base of the toy to tease and please your lady bits with vibration stimulation.
5. Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit 

The Rechargeable G-Spot rabbit is as powerful as it is flirtatiously pink. Most rabbit vibrators have a clit stimulator made up of 2 bunny ears, this toy has one silicone tickler designed to directly stimulate your clit. Blended orgasms will be in your near future with this dual ended vibrator. The shaft curves to hold in your G-spot firmly until you cum.


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