Love Your Wife On Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you SHOULD be thinking about what to get that special MOM in your life! I know, this is a ‘sex site’ and you are wondering if sex toys are appropriate for Mother’s Day. Well, silly, stop your worrying, TooTimid sells more than just toys – there are tons of appropriate gifts to pamper that special lady on HER special day!

While I am fairly certain that any mother wouldn’t trade her kids for all the money in the world, it is nice to sometimes enjoy some time without the children. That is why, the best thing you can give your special Mom is some ‘alone time’ – sans kids! Yes, that is right Dad, YOU take the kids. McDonald’s playlands were made for a reason – take em! You can eat, they can play, it is allllll good. Mom can do whatever she wants – take a bath, read, run naked through the house – it is Her time – and she needs that (on more days than just Mother’s Day) to recharge and be the best Mom she can.

So, arrange a special time to take the kids, let Mom know it is her time and then just go away. She will be so happy to have a few hours of her time that when you come back it will be like you were gone for months instead of hours! She will be grateful – VERY grateful. It also wouldn’t hurt if you brought her back a Southwest Chicken Salad (they are good) and then she won’t have to cook either. It is perfect!

OK, so while you are on the mission to give your special Mom some alone time, why not add some pampering products to make her day EVEN more special? You know what I mean, frilly frou-frou bath stuff and lotions. Yes, I said it – get your frou-frou on. Here are some great suggestions for pampering your princess:

Perhaps you do want to step it up a notch and continue the pampering into ‘adult time.’ Which is fantastic as well. Nothing says relaxation like a slow evening of making love to your lover. If this is the case, check out a whole line of oral sex gels, edible massage lotions and other tasty treats. There are thousands of products just waiting for your stamp of approval – from toys to restraints. If you want to show her how much you love and appreciate her, you can show her how sexy she is. Use your discretion and try to find something she will love.

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Remember, the best gift you can give the Mother of your children is to LOVE HER! There are many ways to do this, and however you do it, just remember, Mother’s Day is HER day – let her be the Queen of the Castle – if only for ONE day!

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