Valentine’s Day On A Budget

The collective groan goes out from many men when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Why? Well, because it can be expensive! Flowers increase in price, nice restaurants have Valentine’s Day specials that are meant to take a bite out of your budget, and jewelry stores make a killing too. Sure, all of these things are nice to get on Valentine’s Day, but what if you just don’t have the budget for such extravagances? Or, what if you haven’t been together long enough to buy the $200 rose bouquet? Here are some ideas on how to make Valentine’s Day great on a budget.

When I was just out of college my then boyfriend was a struggling musician. I mean STRUGGLING to get gigs and to make any money at all. He was a super nice and sweet guy and always tried to make me happy. I will never forget him calling me (yes, we used actual phones back then) and saying, “Hey babe, I am sorry but this Valentine’s Day is going to suck rocks cause I am poor…” to which I said all I needed was him and perhaps a Nachos Bell Grande from Taco Bell. Well, that night he came over, gave me a card and had me sit on the floor. He then blindfolded me (nope, not for that reason) and asked me to open my mouth. He placed a cheesy filled chip in my mouth and I knew he had gotten me the Taco Bell I had mentioned. He also bought me a cheeseburger with only cheese and pickles from McDonald’s and a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen. He showed me that even though he was poor he wanted to make a memory AND that he knows all the things I love to eat. It was a fantastic Valentine’s Day.

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You know what is really special about Valentine’s Day? Is it the flowers? The candy? Going out to eat? Sure, those things are nice, I’ll admit, but what is THE most special is knowing that the person whom you love/like cares about you. Have any of you ever had a partner write a song for you? How about a poem? Even a really sentimental card? These written words (or lyrics) mean a lot to us because they are literal professions of our feelings for someone. Some men may find this difficult to do, but the payoff of it is ultimately worth the effort. Even if you have to borrow the words from the internet or from a famous poet or song writer, the effort of finding just the right words to express how you feel can be the most amazing gift. It doesn’t always have to be super gushy either. My good friend had a guy use the poem from “Mr. Deeds” and Adam Sandler movie, just because it was from the first movie they saw together. Cheap but so romantic. Words are free but the emotion is priceless.

If you are like millions of Americans “Netflixing and Chill” has become a new standard of entertainment in your life. With thousands of movie and TV shows to choose from how can you possibly go wrong? I know, you pick a show YOU like instead of one he/she likes. It is a fact of life, usually one person in a relationship tends to rule the remote. Picking the shows that THEY like and avoiding the ones they do not. Oftentimes this means that men are avoiding all the mushy-gushy romantic films or women are not going for the action packed options. So, for Valentine’s Day give your love the gift of being able to choose the movie! I know it seems fairly cheesy but if you prepare some yummy snacks (like popcorn, nachos, pizza) and give them carte blanche of the remote it may just be the best gift you can give! You can cuddle on the couch and sit happily with your love knowing that you gave them something they really wanted.

Hey, I bet you didn’t know this but SEX IS FREE! So, if you are on a tight budget you can always give your partner the gift of yourself! Your time, your body and, of course maybe that blowjob they have been wanting! I am kidding. No, actually, I am not. Valentine’s Day is a great day to try out a fantasy that your partner has been hinting about. Or, to just discuss the fantasies that you both have. Light the room up with candles, sit on the bed. Kiss, cuddle and talk about what makes you both super-hot! Then, maybe if possible, try it out. Hey, it is Valentine’s Day after all and what better gift can you give then trying something new in the bedroom?

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