5 Ways To Impress Your Lover In Bed

We all want to hear that accolade – “OH MY GOD, you are AMAZING in bed!” No one wants to be the so-so lover, we want to impress the socks (or panties) off of our lover, right? Well, if you want to be the best he or she has ever had then there are definitely some tricks that can help you to really wow your lover in bed. Here are just 5 of the biggies to get you going!

This goes for men and women – if you are confident and secure in bed, you will come off as UBER SEXY! Confidence is a HUGE turn on especially in bed. Even if there is something you are not exactly secure in, being confident will make you appear “better” than you actually are. Now, this does not mean to be arrogant to the point of being off-putting, no one really likes a show off, but the subtle air of your confidence will go a long, long way to making you an impressive lover!

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We all have areas on our bodies which are “hot buttons” for us. Maybe the earlobe, the back of the neck, the belly button, nipples, inner thighs – you get the picture. We all have places that will work us into a frenzy like nothing else. Get to know those hot buttons on your lover. Use them wisely (not overuse, just appropriately) and always keep them in a state of extreme, sexual arousal. Knowing how to sexually manipulate your lover’s special spaces will not only impress them, but likely assure them that you are paying attention to what they like in bed.

I have never, ever heard any of my male or female friends talk about being impressed in bed by a partner who did not perform oral sex – and perform it well! How can you be an impressive lover if you have not mastered the craft of oral sex? You can’t! Oral sex is an important and intimate part of the sexual experience and knowing how to please him or her is essential to getting you to the top of the “great lover” list! This means taking pride in your oral ovations and knowing what tricks will really get your lover going! Wanna impress? Pass those oral exams!

Believe it or not, a giant part of good sex is not the act itself but the effort you put into it and how enthusiastic you are! If you have a choice between being with a lover who is expressive and reactive, someone who talks, moans, wiggles, and participates OR a lover who lies there like an uninterested slug who just wants it to be over and done with – who would you rather be in bed with? Yeah, me TOO! It is common sense, really, we do not want to waste our energies on someone who is not having a good time with us in the sack. Being an active and enthusiastic participant is absolutely a top way to be impressive in bed.

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Don’t just talk about the fantasies – BE THE FANTASIES! We all have those little secret fantasies that turn us on! Things we want to experiment with between the sheets. Now, while I wouldn’t suggest doing EVERYTHING your lover wants if those things make you uncomfortable, I would say that at least being open to discussing and trying some activities without hesitation will definitely impress your lover. An open and experimental lover is definitely one who aims to please and cares about his lover’s appetites. What is more impressive than that?

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