How to Have a Sexy Night at Home This Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is the day for lovers. Yep, of all the days of the year, Valentine's Day brings more couples together to spend some special time than any other day of the year. I know that Valentines' Day is supposed to be all romantic and stuff, and I'm not trying to take away from that. But, sometimes it's fun to turn this special day into a kinky and sexy experience for the two of you. If you are looking something sexy to do with your love at home this Valentine's Day, here are just a few suggestions that may be a little different than the usual.

1. Have A Casual Night Together

No, I am not suggesting either of you cook (although, cooking together could be fun and romantic!) I am suggesting you get all your favorite take-out items and have a little carpet picnic. Maybe one of you likes Sushi and the other loves chicken tenders? Get both! Make it all about a casual night in front of the fireplace or television, in your comfy jammies, just enjoy being together. I know this idea isn't exactly sexy, but don't worry the next 9 ideas are.

2. Give An Erotic & Sensual Massage

Massages in and of themselves are wonderful experiences, but a sensual massage given to you by your lover - that takes it to a whole new level. Pull out the massage oil, light those candles and make everything you can of this sexy adventure. Take your time with this, as you want to build up the tension and tease your lover as you do this. So, avoid touching all of the spots you know they're dying for you to touch, until the very end.

3. Shop For Some New Sex Toys

Going to a sex shop is a really exciting thing for couple's to do together, however, right not it's not exactly safe to be at the store so instead, do some online sex toy shopping together! Perusing the toys, looking at the fun and naughty products, thinking about how to use them together. This can be very sexy and very fun at the same time. And as you talk about how you'd imagine using them, things will really start to heat up.

4. Have A Naked Night

Naked day or naked night is something every couple should do! Here are the rules: be naked. From the moment you commence a naked night, you are both to be naked. Everything you do, you do naked. You cook naked, drink naked, watch TV naked, play naked scrabble. Imagine how fun that could be! Hopefully all that nakedness will entice you to have some fun naked activities too.

5. Play Some Sexy Games

I'm not going to suggest that you buy one of our sex games that we sell in the store because most likely you're reading this right before or on the day of Valentine's Day. So, instead, I'm going to tell you to get creative. Play a game of strip poker or play a game of naughty truth or dare. You don't need to have a game that's specifically made for sex to have some naughty fun, you've just gotta be creative about it.

6. Fantasy Box

The fantasy box is, well, a box where you and your lover write down some sexual fantasies that you would like to try. You can put 2-3 in the box each and then you pick them out and discuss them and, hopefully, do them! Since talking about fantasies can be a difficult thing for some couples, the fantasy box allows you to express them openly by first writing them down. This is a great way to spend Valentine's Day and hopefully you will have some sexy fun too.

7. Watch A Sexy Movie Or TV Show

Okay, so another great idea is to snuggle up on the couch together and watch a movie. But, not just any movie. I'm telling you to throw on a movie or TV show that has a reputation for having kinky, sexy scenes. I think we all can think of a few off the top of our heads, cough-cough, Bridgerton. But, if you can't think of any then do a quick Google search and I'm sure there are lots of lists of sexy shows to watch with your lover. Watching something like this together will get you both turned on, you can talk about it, maybe even act out some of the scenes and then let the night go wherever it leads from there.

8. Try Mutual Masturbation

If you haven't tried mutual masturbation, then you are missing out. Basically, mutual masturbation is the act of pleasuring yourself in front of your lover while they pleasure themselves at the same time. I know this can take some confidence and it might not be what you're used to, but watching your partner use their hands or a toy to pleasure themselves is very, very hot. Not only is it sexy AF, but it's also going to help you both get to know more about exactly how one another likes to be touched.

9. Try A New Sexual Activity

Valentine's Day spent at the house with just your partner is a great opportunity for the two of you to try a new sexual activity you've been thinking of trying but haven't had the chance or time. So, maybe you've been talking about anal play but you haven't delved into it yet. Start off by experimenting with rimming (which means tonguing the anal opening) or light finger play. Or, maybe you can start leaning into the bondage world. I don't mean you need to dive right in, but maybe use a scarf to blindfold your lover or use a tie to restrain their arms. Don't overthink it, just light some candles, set the mood and lean into your desires.

10. Give Each Other A Sexy Show

By sexy show, I mean put on a strip tease for each other. Sit your partner down in a chair and give them the sexiest strip tease they've ever received. And no pressure here, I don't mean you have to be perfect at this. What you do isn't going to matter to your partner, no matter what you do they're just going to be incredibly turned on watching YOU strip for them. And, by the time you've both done this for each other, the sexual tension will be incredibly high and you can take things to the next level from there.

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