How A Vibrator Can Help Make You Multi-Orgasmic

Vibrators are wonderful sexual enhancement products that are very pleasing to use solo or with a partner. They have a variety of uses from internal stimulation, to external stimulation to even partner stimulation. Vibrators come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and power levels. They are probably the most popular go-to toy for female solo play. However, did you know that a vibrator can actually help to make you multi-orgasmic? It is true, and I am going to tell you how!

It is absolutely true that a woman’s body is meant to have more than one orgasm. Unlike a male, who ejaculates after orgasm and who loses his erection, thereby making multiple orgasms extremely difficult (yet, not impossible), a female will actually get MORE sensitive and MORE receptive to orgasm. In fact, for many women the more orgasms you have the easier it is to achieve them. Cool, huh?

Step one to becoming multi-orgasmic in general is to masturbate to orgasm – a lot. Trying to achieve multiples with a partner is usually not advisable because, honestly, it can take a long time to get from the first to the second orgasm during early stages of orgasm training. Yes, that is right, you are training your body to do what it is designed to do – have more than one orgasm! This is where a vibrator comes in.

Learn How To Use A Vibrator!

Since vibrators provide powerful vibrations that you can direct exactly where you want the pleasure to be, they tend to be the ideal toy for getting past the first orgasm and on to the next. If a major component of being multi-orgasmic is to push yourself to go from the first to the next orgasm, it makes sense that using a battery-operated toy is much more efficient than using fingers. Vibrators don’t get tired, and that is exactly what you need when you are going for multiples. So, when you are training your body to go from the first to the next (and the next, and the next) orgasm, vibrators often speed up this process.

Women also have a refractory period. This is the space of time after an orgasm where her clitoris is sensitive, sometimes nearly painful, and continued stimulation can be uncomfortable. It is one of the reasons that women give up after the first orgasm – they can’t get past the refractory period.

Along with this period of sensitivity comes a period where a woman feels sated and loses her desire to continue sexual activity. This is another reason women are happy with only one orgasm – they feel sated after they have climaxed. When you have a vibrator, you can continue the stimulation without pause and this helps a woman build right back up instead of coming down.

*Step 1: The first step in achieving multiples is to use your vibrator to masturbate. At first, just get yourself comfortable with the toy and find the stimulation that works the best for you. Be able to make yourself climax in a short amount of time.

*Step 2: Once you are comfortable bringing yourself to climax relatively quickly, now start continued stimulation post orgasm. At first it may seem very uncomfortable to touch the clitoris. So, stimulate around the clitoris until that sensitive period has passed. Then, concentrate on the clitoris again. Perhaps alternating direct and indirect stimulation.

*Step 3: Feel yourself getting amped back up. Alternate the stimulation to bring yourself to a second orgasm. Keep in mind the second orgasm may be more intense than the first, so take your time getting to the second climax, and resist the urge to stop before you have achieved it.

*Step 4: Allow yourself to come down from the second orgasm, and then start the process again. You may not want to try to get unlimited orgasms right away, but maybe start with two, then the next session go to three, then four. The key is to train your body to move past the refractory period and to stay in a state of arousal. A vibrator is absolutely the best way to do this.

How To Pick The Perfect Vibrator For You

Some women need someone else to take control of the stimulation because they can’t force themselves to continue once they have climaxed. A radical approach to orgasm training is called “forced stimulation.” This is done consensually, so you have to agree to have your partner assist you with this, but it is forced in that you are tied down or restrained and your partner will continue the stimulation post -orgasm. In this way, the female is forced to endure the uncomfortable refractory period and move past it to subsequent orgasms. Of course, there is a lot of trust that must accompany this technique, and no partner should continue if a safe word has been uttered.

Vibrators are simply the best way to train your body to become multi-orgasmic. They never get tired, you can focus the stimulation where it works for you, they are powerful and easy to use, and they will speed up the time between orgasms. So, if you have never tried to have multiple orgasms you should – right now!

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