5 NEW Ways To Use A Vibrator With Your Partner

If you want to add a little extra excitement to your lovemaking, including a vibrator in your next adventure may do the trick! For years and years women (and a number of men) have been riding the waves of vibrations to fulfilling orgasms all by themselves, but only a handful have thought of using their vibrator with their partner. Even less have tried it! So my advice is to learn how to use a vibrator to spice your sex life up!

But why? For too long the vibrator has been thought of as tool solely for female masturbation. You don’t just have to break out the buzz when your lover is away on a business trip or when you want a little “me” time. Vibrators of all shapes, sizes, and styles can be utilized in the bedroom for you both! At the same time!

I’ve come up with 5 Ways to Use a Vibrator With Your Partner designed to tantalize and tease you and your lover throughout the evening. So grab some batteries and get adventurous with a few of these massaging methods.

We don’t mean on your finger! If you and your lover don’t want to dive right into the wild world of vibrators, a great way to introduce vibrating sensations is through a Vibrating Cock Ring. Cock rings gently squeeze his member and limit the blood flow going out of the penis, which can keep him harder, longer. You’ve got the perfect vibrating enhancer with a mini vibrating bullet and clit stimulator! He can even take the ring off his penis and wear it on his fingers (or purchase a finger vibrator) for more pinpointed sensations!
Recommended Vibe Cock Ring: Double Trouble Enhancer

Another way to introduce a vibrator, is to view it as a body massager first, and then an erotic instrument later. A wand like the Lux Wand is actually marketed as a body massager. The strong vibrations in the soft head feel incredible when pushed into the shoulders, or rolled under the arches of your feet. Take turns with your lover tracing the curves of their body, focusing on the areas that harbor stress. Then, as you go along and become more comfortable with the vibrations, slide that vibe up his or her thighs, and have them do the same for you!
Recommended Wand: Lux Wand

Tips For Using Your Vibe With Him For The First Time

It’s important not to depend on the vibrator to make all the magic happen. Alternating between soft kisses and buzzing vibrations is a great way to keep your vibe usage in check, while still pleasing your lover. Take the tip of the vibrator, we love the points of Clitoral Vibrators for this, and run it around his or her nipples and then use your lips to heat up the area with kisses, licks, and nibbles. The varying sensations are sure to give them goosebumps!
Recommended Clit Vibe: The Flutter Bullet

For many, the g-spot is a fickle pleasure spot. It is super small, sometimes hard to find, and it often takes a lot of steady, targeted massage to achieve a g-spot orgasm. With a penetrating G-Spot Vibrator, your g-spot stimulation is made much easier! With your lover controlling the pressure and vibration, you get firm, constant (and vibrating!) massage. Coupled with your lover’s oral licks and sucking, you’ve got the makings for an amazing orgasm.
Recommended G-Spot Vibe: Comfort Curve G-Spot Vibrator

Vibrators aren’t just for the ladies. Let him feel some new sensations by using a powerful vibrator during oral sex! Hold the vibrator, like a Vibrating Bullet or Egg, to the side of your cheek to buzz throughout your mouth. If he wants more targeted vibes, take the vibrator tip and run it under the shaft of his penis. Stroke the vibe along with your hand or mouth, or gently trace circles underneath the head. Remember that his testicles are quite a bit more sensitive than his cock, so turn those vibes on low, or lessen the buzz by wrapping your vibe in a pair of soft undies before buzzing his balls.
Recommended Bullet: My First Silver Bullet

How DO You Use Vibrators With Your Partner?
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