5 Ways You Know You've Hit Her G-Spot

The g-spot is an alluring location of the female anatomy that has both men and women wondering. It is the sexual spot that legendary orgasms are made of, but like legends, it’s difficult to know what’s real and what’s all talk.

Let’s clarify things. The g-spot exists, it’s located 1-3 inches inside the vagina. Not all women experience stimulation from g-spot massage and the size of the g-spot varies from woman to woman. When it’s the target of your affection and your partner enjoys the unique sensations, it can elicit really powerful, body-shaking, faint-worthy orgasmic pleasure!

How To Give Her A Gspot Orgasm!

We get it, you want to give your lady incredible g-spot orgasms without constantly asking her if you’ve found her g-spot! We’re all about talking during sex - letting your partner know what you like, telling them what to do, talking dirty - but it can hinder the intimate vibes if there’s too much asking and not enough action! It’s time to spend more time helping her climax, and less time wondering about the g-spot! Here are 5 Ways You Know You’ve Hit Her G-Spot!

Wetness won’t be the only thing that changes when you are exploring the inner warmth of your woman’s body. Though the inside of her vaginal canal is a soft, smooth, and almost velvety surface, when you locate the key to incredible orgasms - the g-spot - something is different about it. The actual g-spot is tucked away above the vaginal ceiling - it’s a collection of tissue and glands - so it may be trickyto find when you are starting out. When you’ve got your fingertips caressing her, rub the roof of her vagina until you feel a patch of skin that is rougher than the rest. Tada! You have found her g-spot! The skin beneath the g-spot is ruffled like the petals of a carnation flower. This patch of texture let’s you know you’ve hit the spot!

There is a very specific motion that will make her wiggle and squirm with sexual sensations. The erotically-named “come hither” finger curl hits the spot with serious power! When you slide your finger inside her, reaching upwards (palm up) to find that ruffled patch of her g-spot, start curling your finger back towards you (or towards her clit if you aren’t in between her legs). This fingering technique puts firm massaging pressure on her g-spot. Plus, it leaves your other hand free to feel her body, and leaves your mouth free to lick, suck, and tease with oral sex! You’ll know you’ve hit her g-spot because even when her body starts bucking, you’ve got a firm hook on her to make her “come hither!”

The right sex positions make all the difference when it comes to stimulating the g-spot during intercourse. Since you won’t be able to feel where her g-spot is with the head of your penis - or, at least not as well as you can with your curled fingers - you are going to need to improvise! If you’ve grabbed all the pillows from the house and propped up her hips while she’s on her back, you are well on you way to giving her a g-spot orgasm! By leveraging her hips above yours, and positioning your thrusts upwards from below her, you’ll have more contact with the g-spot. Want more? Do the butterfly! Pull her legs over your shoulders and lift her hips, or have her place her feet on your chest and push herself higher for more of a direct penetration! If she prefers to be on top, she can control the speed and positioning of your thrust by bucking in the Cowgirl position. The sensation is different than with clitoral stimulation, so when you rub her the right way, you’ll know you hit the spot!

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Go ahead and laugh, but she may feel like she's got to pee. This is a very strange sensation that occurs only when you’ve hit her g-spot. The ladies may try to stop the sexual encounter because they are feeling serious urges to pee, but you’ll know that you’ve got her right where she needs to be to experience a g-spot orgasm! Where does this feeling come from? The g-spot is located above the vaginal ceiling, but below the bladder and urethra - the tube urine passes through when you pee. So, when you press up on her g, you are also pressing up against her bladder. But fear not, friends, no urine shall pass through when you’re pleasing her g-spot. You may want to suggest she pee ahead of time to assure her that the moment won’t be ruined when this sensation hits. But trust us, when she starts to express the need to pee, you’ve got the right spot!

Now, we said there wouldn’t be any urine, and that’s true, but you may be introduced to another liquid. Squirting is an incredible bodily phenomenon that occurs when fluid builds up during sex or masturbation and releases at the point of orgasm. It is most commonly associated with g-spot stimulation, but we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t a rare occurrence. It can also be achieved with clitoral stimulation, but that’s even more rare. The fluid may contain trace amounts of urine, as it passes through the same tube - the urethra - but it’s more of a watery, cum-like liquid. The act of squirting is also known as female ejaculation because its similarities to male ejaculation. If you’ve got your girl incredibly aroused, and are firmly massaging her g-spot, she may let you know you’ve hit it by releasing a squirting orgasm!

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