6 Signs He's Not Into You Anymore

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A few years back the popular book, "He’s Just Not That Into You,” was made into an outstanding movie that actually had a lot of truths in it. Knowing the signs that someone who you want to date really has no interest in dating you can be an absolute INVALUABLE tool! However, what about when you are already in a relationship, and have been, and the sex stops, the intimacy stops and you have these thoughts like, what is happening with us? Well, perhaps he is just not that into you…anymore. So, how can you tell?

Note: In new relationships things DO change after the honeymoon phase. There is a period, called limerence, where both people are on the high of new love. When that ends, things change. So, don’t freak out if one of these things happens, wait for more proof.

Statically speaking, a man will continue to have sex with a partner even if he not completely into her anymore (sorry guys, surveys reveal the harsh truth). However, what will noticeably decline is the oral portion of the sex. If your dude was happily going down on you and now has either stopped all-together, or he is phoning it in, well, this is a sign that he may no longer be that into you.

It is not unusual for men to need “guy time” or even just alone time, playing video games and scratching themselves freely. However, if the once or twice a week bro-ham nights have increased to 4 to 6 nights a week or if he is spending more time killing zombies on his X-Box than doing anything at all with you, well, that is a big red flag right there. While dudes need dude time when they are into a girl they gladly spend time with her too. When they are less interested in being with you that is a sure sign that he is, well, less interested.

Did your dude willingly go to all those parties, weddings and other social gatherings with you? Was he glad to be your arm candy out in public? Well guess what? If he is now declining these invitations and is no longer willing to be your “plus 1” then he may be contemplating getting another social partner. According to a 2014 survey in Men’s Health, men are not social by nature and usually only go with their partner to parties and such to make her happy. Therefore, if he no longer wants to make you happy, he is just not that into you.

Reasons Why He May Not Want To Have Sex Anymore

Was your guy an avid texter? Did you get cutesy little emoticon-filled texts messages every night? Did you talk on the phone before bed and fall asleep without hanging up? In contrast are your texts emoticon-less? Does he fail to answer the calls? Taking much longer for him to respond to texts? Yeah, sorry girl but he is not into you anymore. Men give time and attention to those whom they care for, and when these simple gestures change it most likely means his interest is fading fast or he may be texting or calling another.

OK girl, if you can’t see this sign then you must not be paying attention. If your dude no longer spends the night – ESPECIALLY after you have had sex, well, then, you know. Intimacy and sex can be separated by men, even after a relationship has been established, so if there is still sex, but no INTIMACY (cuddling, sleeping over) this could be the kiss of death for the relationship.

Not just the ‘I Love You’ either, it can be all pet names and all flirty comments. If you used to be ‘sweetie’ or ‘honey’ and he used to send you little I <3 you texts, or just told you that he loved you, and that is gone now, well, there may be a change coming. Women are more verbal than men usually, and the “I love you” from your man means he really feels it. If he no longer does, he will tend to not say it. Sorry girls, but this is a big sign!

How Could You Tell He Wasn't Into You Anymore?
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