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Oral sex is such a delicious treat for both the giver and the recipient. However, thinking back on Sex Ed classes, we probably all learned how to put a condom on a banana instead of how to perform good cunnilingus (aka eating out a pussy). If you’re looking to step up your oral game, or if you’ve never eaten someone out before, read on! We’ll be exploring different ways to provide pleasure to your partner during the intimate act of oral sex.


It makes sense that if your tongue can cause so much pleasure down below that you should spread the sensations, so to speak! The tongue is such a handy little body part that it can make its way into the crevices behind your lover’s ears, down the soft curves of their neck, across the expanse of their chest, and over those sensitive nipples. The tongue has a texture that will arouse and stimulate your partner as it makes its way down their belly, over the sensitive skin of the hips, down the inner thighs, and maybe even to the sensitive skin behind the knees! Yes, the tongue should make its way all over your lover’s body – tasting and teasing every space as you go. Trust me, your lover will be tongue-tied with pleasure!

Ah, oral sex! Such a vital, fun, and erotic part of a sexual relationship. For people with a vagina, the most sensitive part of the
sexual anatomy is the clitoris and the clitoris loves nothing more than to be licked and teased! Your tongue can lick, thump, tease, and stimulate the clitoris so easily. The tongue can slip under the clitoral hood and coax the clitoris out of its hiding spot, stimulating it with long, loving licks. The tongue can circle around and around the clitoris, making it hard and excited. The tongue can tap and pulse against the clitoris until orgasm approaches! Oh yes, if you are not using your tongue around and on your lover’s clitoris then you MUST DO IT NOW! There are so many ways to stimulate the clitoris with your tongue - it’s important to pay attention to what makes your partner’s toes curl and breath quicken. Try zig-zags, swirls, long strokes, short strokes, direct contact, or swirling around the clitoris without fully licking it. And once you figure out something that is working - keep doing it! 

Tongue Star Oral Pleasure Vibe

Tongue Star Oral Pleasure Vibe

If your special someone needs a little extra love to reach orgasm, you might find that your tongue gets tired before you reach the finish line. Why not boost your oral game by adding vibrations to your tongue game? This vibrator fits just beneath your tongue and will provide an extra OOMPH of stimulation to help your partner reach orgasm!

The tongue is not just used for external stimulation. The tongue is a wonderful, strong muscle that can be made stiff enough for penetration! When performing oral sex on your lover the tongue can be a wonderful tease when inserted in and out of the vagina! Some people are blessed with larger tongues, and others have wider ones. Either way, once you’ve gotten your partner excited and wet by stimulating the clitoris and surrounding area, it may be time for your tongue to make its way inside of your lover! Tease her clitoris until she is begging for it. Then, lick the entire vaginal area with your tongue, getting her slippery and wet. Once your partner is ready, make your tongue as stiff and long as you can and enter the vagina – moving in and out – until you can feel your lover cum around you! The tongue can feel wonderfully soft and sensual moving in and out like this, and feeling your partner clench down in orgasm over your mouth is an incredible thrill. 
Extra Touch Large Finger Sleeve

Extra Touch Large Finger Sleeve

If you don’t think your tongue is up for a long bout of penetration action, or if your lover prefers something larger to orgasm around, there’s no problem with using your fingers or a toy for penetration. Plus, you get the added benefit of being able to use your mouth for clitoral stimulation while you penetrate her for a fantastic blended orgasm. This Silicone finger sleeve is curved to help rub the G-spot while you lick your lover away to orgasm, and will provide a more full feeling than a single finger ever could.

How Oral Sex Helps Her Orgasm

This is so important. People with vaginas usually have a harder time climaxing, it takes mental and physical stimulation, so even though I know you're probably aching to go all out, take it slow - it'll make everything so much better. Drag your tongue along your partner’s body slowly. Follow your lover’s cues by listening to those lovely pants and moans, you will hit gold soon - I promise! There is nothing sexier than a partner who loves to pleasure you, so tell them how much you are enjoying it! Use that sultry sex-crazed voice, whisper naughty-nothings in your lover’s ear!

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