How To Show Her You Love Her In Bed

For women, sex and love are intertwined very deeply! This does not mean that it is not for men too, it is, but for a woman the act of sex ultimately starts the connection process where she begins to have stronger feelings for her partner. Once the ‘L’ word has been said, she looks for loving actions from her partner all the time and especially during sex! Women tend to want a bit of reassurance once love is proclaimed – and there are many ways to do this while in bed together. So, if you want your lovely lady to know that you are totally in love with her – then try these simple techniques!

No one gets tired of hearing the words “I Love You” from the person they hold most dear, do they? Of course not! Being loved and being told you are loved are remarkably powerful experiences in one’s life. Women, not surprisingly, are very auditory and respond very well to be told that they are loved, beautiful, sexy and exciting.There is nothing quite like having your lover come up behind you, grab you around your waist and whisper, “You are so beautiful and I love you so much!” Swoon!! So, if you love your partner – TELL HER! Often. In the morning, at night, in bed, during sex. Tell her. She will love you even more for it.

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Giving your woman lots and lots of sexual attention in bed, making sure that she is properly warmed up, giving her lots of kisses and caresses and oral sex are great ways to show her you love her! You are ensuring that she is ready for intercourse by spending the time to arouse her properly. Enjoy her body, caress all over her, spend as much time between her legs as you would like her to spend down between yours! Make sure she has orgasms – lots of orgasms! Being selfless in bed – caring about her needs over your own – will end up getting YOU more quality attentions because she will know how much you love her!

Taking the time to learn your lover’s special spots and buttons is a very direct way of saying, “I love you enough to really learn how to make you explode!” When a partner takes the time to learn how to pleasure his lady, how to touch her, kiss her, caress her. When he takes the initiative to ask, “Honey, what makes YOU hot?” and then goes on to attempt it. Well, women know beyond a doubt that this is not just sex, this is making love and that our partner cares enough to actually find out what makes us purrrrr.

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Perhaps one of the most intimate and loving gestures any man can do with and to his partner is the after sex CUDDLE! Women absolutely adore it when they can lay their heads on your chest, enjoy the afterglow of the event while you kiss their foreheads and stroke their arms and backs gently. If we can fall asleep in the post-coital haze that is even better! Nothing says, “I need to get back to the TV,” and speaks AGAINST love more quickly than when you jump out of bed and scurry away right after sex. So, if you want your woman to know that you love her, stick around for a while after sex and enjoy that moment together. You may find you like it just as much!

How Do You Show Her You Love Her In Bed?
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