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For almost ten years I lived in a fairly large Southeastern city that was just named one of Outdoor Magazine's 10 best places to live. Things the writers didn't mention were the unemployment rate, the cost of living and the amount of beautiful people sharing your opportunities. I now live in the same small Midwestern town in which I was born and raised. Anyway, the point of this article is to give you suggestions on the best places to meet men in a large or mid-sized city.

If your city is big enough for a professional team or even an amateur team, this is a great place to meet men. If you like sports, find out when they have "theme nights"or half price tickets if the word "budge" is in your vocabulary. Get a group of pals and go watch baseball or hockey Intimate Date
or soccer or whatever is available. It is almost a given that every guy likes sports, and they travel in packs, especially when beer is involved. This is a great opportunity to look cute, but not like you tried, and catch a few eyes. It helps if you are interested in sports; it is easier to spark an intelligent conversation. A word of warning, as I am really into sports, sometimes it backfires if you know too much. If a cutie tries to tell you the name of the guy on first base and you know his college stats, his hometown, his batting average and what he does in his spare time and then you show him your shrine to Brett Farve, it can really freak them out.

Now this is not my thing, I prefer my exercise outdoors. I also don't like bulging muscles, gold chains and voyeurs. I also don't look good in tight clothing and my face gets red when I get winded. It works for some people. Good luck if this is your scene, you are a better person than I, and you are probably in better shape!

These are great opportunities because usually you will find guys who are into the same things as you are. Now, be careful if you are at a yarn fair or a hair show, this might not be the guy you are ready for. This is another good place to go alone, as you might be able to start a conversation easier, although if you are like me it is very hard to force myself to go to these types of things by myself. If you go with friends, scope out where the "cool" people are hanging out and make yourself comfortable. Another great way to meet a guy is to go to an event that you know nothing about, wine for example, and you will almost always find a cute wine snob who will be more than happy to explain things to you and by the end of the night; you might even have future plans to learn more. It is also an opportunity to look cute and break out the shoes you can't wear to work.

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These are perfect places to meet men for two reasons, 1) you are doing something good for others, and 2) this is where you meet a good guy, or a keeper. It feels good to do things to help people. If helping people isn't your thing, then a political group or a business networking group is a good alternative. You will meet guys with similar interests and usually this type of guy has a good future ahead of him. He is not the guy sitting on the sofa, smoking pot and watching Jerry Springer (although sometimes there is nothing wrong with that guy).

The guy who is sitting on the sofa, smoking pot, playing X-Box and in the same boxers for three days is the guy you meet at the bar. I know this is a generalization and I have met many "the guy" type in the bar, but at some point you have to realize that "the one" is not at the bar. This is especially true if you see the same guy at the bar every time you go, or if you meet the guy at the bar every time you go out. Now, I am no stranger to the bar and I love me some bar time, but it is not the best place to meet men. There is too much competition, too much alcohol and not enough substance.

This is fabulous if you live in a big city or a university or college town. Dress up, look smart and roam the grounds and the halls. Lunch time is especially productive. I have a friend who went to medical school and I LOVED meeting her for lunch because it was an opportunity to see and be seen. Usually the docs and students are a close knit community, so if you show up and look good, it is almost guaranteed that some cutie will ask about you. Now, the downside is that they never have time for you, but at least one time you can tell your mom you are dating a doctor.

I realize that this might not be for everyone, but if you are in a big city and you go to church, this one actually works. Try different churches or churches in nearby cities to find one that you like. Find out about clubs, classes, groups and church activities. If you don't meet "the one", you will probably make some really good friends and maybe a better relationship with your God, which can't hurt.

My Dad is always telling me to hang out in hardware stores, so far it hasn't worked, but I am not giving up just yet. My only suggestion is to have a goal; you are looking for a present, a specific tool, paint, or something that actually exists. The smart guys can see you coming a mile away if you are just looking good wandering the store and you have to have something intelligent to say if by chance one of the cuties actually talks to you.

These are just some suggestions for you to try if you are stuck in a rut and are having a hard time meeting eligible men. Now, not to get you down, but I haven't had much success in any of these areas, my "relationships"have usually started at my workplace, which I don't have to tell you, is NEVER, EVER a good idea!

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