Best Places To Meet Men In Rural America

Ok, so I have given you some ideas for meeting men in a big city and I hope they worked out for you! Now, for you Country Girls or Activity Challenged girls, I have some ideas for you. I have to admit that almost all of these ideas have actually been tried by me since I have moved back to rural, small town Midwest. Some of them may sound a little crazy, actually the word I am looking for is desperate, but when the pickin’s are slim, you have to adjust. Now remember that this particular town is the same town where I was born, raised and schooled. I also left this town at age 18 yelling things like “Michigan Small Town, you can kiss my ass!” and “You’ll NEVER see me in this hell hole again!” So now, at age 33, unmarried, no career, the single woman staple – a cat, and without two nickels to rub together, I have come crawling back to town with my tail between my legs living with my Mommy and Daddy.

This is a nice opportunity to scout for hot single Dads, or Uncles or Big Brothers, depending on your age range. The only key to this one is it is probably best if you actually know someone playing, coaching, watching or umpiring. You will look and sound like an idiot if you have NO reason to be at the Blue team’s Wednesday night game. This could even be fun if you like baseball or kids, and it is nice weather. Also in this same category, research where the state finals or tournaments are held in your area, great potential to meet Romantic Kissmen and if it is not in your town, you will blend into the crowd more easily. The two major drawbacks to the Little League scenario are these: 1. ALWAYS CHECK THE RING FINGER!!! and 2. most of the men who check you out are going to assume that you have a child playing, so somehow make sure you look “single” and “available” and you are there for your friend’s son, nephew, god-child, whatever.

Ok, this hasn’t worked for me yet, but it doesn’t mean I am going to stop trying. This one can be tricky, and I don’t mean to sound judgmental or vain or just plain rude, but……..IF YOU ARE EVEN HALF WAY ATTRACTIVE, YOU WILL BE THE BEST LOOKING PERSON THERE!!!! Forget about the carnie element, they are out of the question, unless toothless, tattooed, mullet wearing parolees are your thing, and I hope they aren’t. This can work if you are into the farm boys. Look “country cute”, but not like you studied the Cabela’s catalogue, and walk around the farm animal exhibits. Be prepared to say things like, “That’s a beautiful cow, is she a Holstein or a Guernsey?” (I realize that some of you readers have no idea what I am talking about and believe me, I totally understand, when you live in farm country, you pick up these things…..) Also understand if one of the farm hotties asks you out, be ready to ride in a truck, get your shoes dirty and be home before 9pm because they get up REALLY early.

How To Meet Men In The City

If you are brave and very confident, this is the BEST place to meet men! The major element here is that you have to know something about fish and fishing. You need to ask questions like “Did you catch that on a Monkey Puke or a Michael Jackson?” or “How did your dipsy-diver work out for you?” If you can stroll the docks with a friend or, even better, if your Dad is cool and he looks like your Dad and not an OLDER boyfriend, then it is perfect, you can let him do all the talking and you just stand around and look interested and cute. There is always beer involved and if they had a good day, they will be very happy and excited and approachable. Now, I understand that the smelly, dirty, fisherman type isn’t for everyone, but let’s remember where we are here…..SMALL TOWN RURAL AMERICA. I am not talking about the big money Gulf Stream fishing tournaments with giant boats and lots of filthy rich men; I am talking about the Moose Lodge’s 25th annual walleye tournament. Again, like the Little League Scenario, always check the ring finger.

This one is a little sleazy, but if you are just looking for a good time and want some attention from men who are from out of town, with ‘the guys’, and are up for a beer hunting weekend, yes, I meant BEER hunting, then go for it. The town I live in is a very popular deer hunting destination and for the months of November and December, the male population of the town triples in size. There are only about 5 bars in the whole county, so the chances of meeting the hot hunter man are very good. This scenario takes a professional, so amateurs be careful. The combination of drunk, horny, dirty men with rifles in a dirty, dingy country bar filled with other drunk, horny hunters with fire arms can get ugly. I personally enjoy this one (mostly because I like dirty, truck driving, beer drinking, and camouflage wearing dudes) but I would not recommend this one for most gals, this scenario has the potential to get dangerous if you can’t handle yourself.

This rarely works, and if it does work, you are a lucky, lucky girl. One of the problems with small towns is that you know everyone in the town. In my case, there are NO available men; the only thing that can catch my eye is a “pass through”. If you have friends or co-workers and they say they have a cousin-friend-old-roommate or basically anyone new coming to town, and they are within 10 years of your age, you HAVE to go for it. Make sure you are invited or at least introduced to the passer through. You never know, he could be dreamy, or at least fun for a weekend. I do know a girl from here that met her husband at a local bar and he was in town visiting his uncle who also happened to be her boss!

The town I live in has less than 3500 people, when I was in high school it had less than 2,000, it is also the biggest town in the county. The nearby towns are all between 20 and 60 minutes away. If you can gather some good friends, you can plan an outing to a nearby town to check out the talent. If you are all partiers, BRING A DESIGNATED DRIVER, late night, back country, county roads are notorious life enders. It is always possible to meet a cool, decent, normal guy in another town. He could be passing through, visiting, just moved or some other situation that brought him within 45 miles of you. The only warning I have against this scenario is that sometimes it is good to have a “spy” or a contact in the nearby small towns. You don’t want to think some hottie is wonderful only to find out he is a crack-head loser with 5 kids and a lot of baby mama drama.

As I am going into my second fall here in Michigan, I am going to try some more ideas and I’ll let you know how they go. If you have any ideas or if you also live in a small town and have more suggestions, I would love to hear them!

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