Ways To Make Her Feel Special At Home - From A Woman

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Everyone is different and in no way do I speak for every woman. I've been at home quarantined for almost 2 months now. This is a list of everything that makes me feel special.

Leave a comment below with something that makes you feel special at home your partner can do or has done for you, or maybe something you have done for your special woman during this difficult time.

I'm not trying to brag, but I believe I am an incredible gift giver. Every gift I give big or small I always put thought into. My biggest tip for you is to plan in advance, even if the timing seems ridiculous. It is much better to be prepared than to scramble at the last minute, especially when resources are limited in our current covid-19 world.

Although my mother is in heaven, I am very lucky to have many women in my life who I think of as mother-figures and I always plan as soon as I hear an advertisement on TV. Businesses are designed to get you thinking about celebratory holidays WAY in advance. As soon as I heard a Mother's Day ad over a month ago, I had all of my gifts finalized and planned that week. This year, I did shipments from local restaurants and I'm SO glad I paid and booked everything then because my friends are already panicking because shipping times are way past Mother's Day now!

Ask her what she wants, with options.

Sometimes asking someone "What do YOU want?" can be more difficult to answer than presenting options for them to choose from, even if they know what they want.

Instead of saying "What do YOU want?" completely open-ended, you can try any of the options:

This day (or night) is about you. We can order takeout, I can cook you dinner, we can do an at-home wine tasting, a movie or show of your choice, or we can play a game of your choice. 

Giving her the option will take the awkwardness out of her thinking about what she actually wants and will relieve pressure off of you to try and scramble last minute for a plan. Think of things you have time to implement. (Unless you ask her in advance!)

Send her something, especially if you aren't physically together.

This requires planning ahead no matter what. There are so many monthly subscriptions and online retail websites available to ship your gift right to her door! 

Create a DIY date night.

Making your own date at home is 100% doable with a little imagination! There are so many ideas available online! Here are some of my top 3 favorites:

1. Cook dinner watching a step-by-step YouTube tutorial. Make sure to get all of the ingredients in advance, and you'll have your own dinner you've created together!

2. Create a whole date about her with time slots, but don't be too strict. Make sure there is enough balance between her enjoying herself and you being able to implement whatever you have planned.

Here as an example:

9:00AM Breakfast in bed together
10:30AM Draw a bath or shower for her, with some new bath/facial items!
12:00PM Lunch/Takeout from her favorite place
2:00PM Alone time (maybe give her time alone to do whatever she wants while you walk with the kids or the dog)
5:00PM Give her a list of things to choose from (maybe open her favorite bottle of wine, let her watch her TV show, attempt giving her a pedicure.
7:00PM Romantic takeout together or a nice family dinner followed by whatever movie she wants.
9:00PM Evening massage with some added pleasure ;)

Give her a list of things to choose from based off of what she enjoys. Here are some things on my personal list: (Everyone is different!)

1. At-home wine tasting: I am a wine-o minus the snobbiness. All it takes is a quick google of what types of wine to pair with specific foods and you can create a little spread for her right at home!

2. Get a list of any activities she likes to do and let her know you'll make sure she can enjoy them, 100% undisturbed until she is done! For me, this would be a really long walk (I LOVE the outdoors here in New Hampshire.) A nap, Watching trash T.V. with minimal interruptions (LOL), Playing video games, and more!

3. I am very into skincare, cosmetics, and more - look up a list of homemade hair masks, face masks, etc and let her know you'll prepare them for her to try! 

Ask her if she wants to be alone, seriously!

Maybe she is always worrying about other responsibilities. Give her a chance to just be ALONE. Create an area for her to just enjoy for the day, afternoon, or night! Let her know that you're aware interruptions are going to happen and that you'll do your best to take care of them so she doesn't have to worry about anything for the day. I can't tell you how many of my friends will tell me how badly they just want to be alone watching T.V. for just a day!

Create a spa menu for her to choose from.

Create this in advance. If you can't print one off, create it in your phone in a notes app and then screenshot it once it's final. Plan in advance, and make sure they're treatments you're comfortable performing. (No waxes on your own!) 

Some popular services you can offer are: Scalp or foot massages, a drawn bath with spa products, or even an at-home pedicure or manicure (you don't even have to paint the nails, just do the steps!) The thought is what matters most here in addition to her relaxation. Believe me, she will appreciate it!

Go classic, make her breakfast in bed

Surprise her with some of her favorite breakfast in bed! If you aren't confident in your cooking skills or maybe you have to go to work, order takeout with a sweet note left on the nightstand. It's a great way to start her day!

Create her a drink or smoothie menu

Maybe this is just a "me" thing, but I LOVE smoothies. Get some ingredients in advance and ask her to choose what products to blend up! This can be a great breakfast idea OR even a cocktail in the evening! (Or lunch - I'm not judging! It's her day!) Let her know if she doesn't like the concoction, she can try another! 

Create a basket

This is great if you are away from your partner. Let them know that you plan to leave them a little surprise so they know it's coming! Create her a basket of some of her favorite things, maybe it's games, snacks, drinks, whatever! Gift cards are a HUGE plus right now! Be sure you're taking the correct precautions during this unique and difficult time and making sure everything is disinfected!

Write a thoughtful letter

This is the cheapest, but most significant gift for me. Words mean so much and I feel like cards or letters with thoughtful words behind them are a thing of the past. (IMO.) Take time and really write out everything you're appreciative of with her. This cannot be rushed and it's important to have time set aside to really get your thoughts down.

This is just a list of things that would make me feel special during this unique and difficult time in our country. Please leave a comment of things YOU would love or that you have done for your partner to help others!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you incredible mothers. 

-Angela Rosario

    1 comment

    • Raquele

      My husband, son and I have been working from home now for 4 months. Our son went and spent a night over a friends house and I planned a special surprise for my hubby. He is the romantic one, he usually has to initiate, so I turned my sights on him. When he came up from downstairs, I had candles lined up on our island and through our house leading him to the bedroom. He came in and I was laying on the bed in a teddywith no panties on, had romantic music on, and our two main toys laid on the bed with one exception…I was playing with a glass dildo sliding it in and out of my pussy. It turned him on so much, he quickly got undressed and dove right in and took over with his tongue, fingers and the dildo until I had my second orgasm. Good Night All Around!!

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