5 Ways To Get A Little "Freaky" For Him

Has your lover mentioned that he would like you to be a little bit freaky in the bedroom? Are you feeling that your sex is way too “ho-hum” or vanilla? Want to give him a sexual experience that he will never forget? Any way you slice it, men enjoy you being a little freaky in the bedroom from time to time. Sometimes sex has to be a little more raw, a little more exciting a little more FREAK-KAY! So, if you are looking for some ideas on how to let your freak flag fly – read on!


This one has the element of surprise AND the element of pure lustful behavior. Men are visual – very visual. It is why they love the strip clubs! They know they can’t have sex with the stripper, but they sure do enjoy the fantasy. So, be his fantasy! Buy some super sexy and downright naughty lingerie. I am talking crotchless, barely-there, tight curve hugging lingerie. Or, better yet, just wear one of his shirts. Do your make-up and hair in a fun and sexy manner (more dramatic than usual). Slip away during TV time to fix up and come out and surprise the heck out of your man! Turn on some good bumping and grinding music (no slow songs) and give him a strip show that involves A LOT of “illegal” touching! Grind on his lap, kiss him seductively, and slap his hands when he tries to cop a feel! Use your body and your naughty sex appeal to get him so hot and so ready that he will see you in a different light! How far you take his lap dance is up to you – but I highly suggest giving him the fantasy and letting him sleep with the stripper!


Are you a “good girl?” You know what I mean, sex always in the bedroom, on Saturday nights, after Saturday Night Live? Okay, so maybe not THAT predictable but on the lines of pretty average (possibly even bad) sex at home. Do you remember when you were in your 20s and you would meet a guy in a bar and take him out back and give him a super hot BJ in the alley? Oh, you never did that? Well you SHOULD! Right now! One way to get your freak on is to do the one-two punch of initiating sex OUT of the bedroom. Surprise him by going out to the movies and wearing a skirt with no panties. When the theater is dark and everyone else is engrossed in the movie, take his hand and show him what is under your skirt! Or, go out for dinner and drinks and take him for a quickie in the bathroom! Perhaps if you are a little less adventurous you can do it in your garage when you arrive safely home. Just take it OUT of the house, out of the bedroom and out of the ordinary! Be fun, be flirty, be sexy, and be HOT.


OK, so I am going to guess that you have seen 50 Shades of Gray, right? Bondage is all the rage right now. However, have you ever thought of tying HIM up? Traditionally, couples seem to lean toward the female being the tie-ee and the man being the tie-er. SWITCH IT UP! Get him onto the bed, sit atop him and take some pantyhose or one of his ties, or even better, some sex restraints and tie him down! Make it snug so he can’t get out. Then tease the ever-loving-crap out of him! Turn on the heat girlfriend! Lick his body ALL over; take your time getting to his penis, use different sensations on him like silky ties, feathers, your fingernails. Undress while standing over him and he will be helpless to touch you – and he will want to! Lower yourself onto his face and make him lick you until you climax! Be in control. Use him for your pleasure and his. How long you keep him tied is up to you, but personally taking it all the way to his climax could be amazing!

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You thought I was going to say PENIS, didn’t you? Well, I am. If you want to get freaky-leaky on him then you need to take your BJ skills to the absolute maximum! There is so much more that can be done down there ladies! You need to utilize all your tongue-tactic skills all over his nether region! This means lick his balls, lick his thighs, and lick his anus. Whoa? What? YES! Rim him! Rim him real good! If you man has ever even asked you to do this, now is the time. If he has NOT asked you, then give it a shot! It will take your BJ to the OHMYGODWHATISSHEDOINGDOWNTHERETOME-Job! If he seems OK with the licking, you may want to try sticking a well-lubed finger up there. Just a little extra something. Keep your BJ on the freaky side by adding some ice cubes, some heating or cooling lubricant. Use your hands, your mouth, your tongue. Be ENTHUSIASTIC and TALK to him! Make him think his cock is the most important thing to you. Devour it. Devour him. Then, let him cum in your mouth! Swallow it. Enjoy it. Make him breathless and wondering what just happened! Let your BJ freak flag fly high!


I am talking about filthy talk ladies! If you want to give him the freak treatment then you have to step up everything, including the talking. I know you are embarrassed, or don’t want or know how to be a filthy talker, but trust me, it will turn you both on! Sure, he likes to hear, “Oh baby, you feel so good” but you know what he would love to hear? How about, “Oh baby, I love when your big, hard, throbbing cock goes into my tight, wet, eager little pussy.” Yup. It will take him a minute to register, especially if you haven’t ever talked like this before. Use the dirtiest repertoire you can possibly imagine. Perhaps watch a little porn to prime your vocabulary. Whatever you are doing, describe it to him in explicit, dirty detail. How does he taste? How do YOU taste on him? How does he feel? What do you want him to do to you? No, not harder – FUCK ME HARDER! Yes, get in touch with your naughty talker and he will be raging and ready for more!

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