Co-Mingling With Co-Workers

This is an age old dilemma: to date or not to date – AT WORK! It is estimated that approximately 40% of all relationships start at work, and of those, 20% result in marriage! I do not know about you, but those odds seem pretty good to me! So, how do you get your hunky co-worker to notice you without being too obvious (or skanky) about it? Well, keep on reading ladies, you just might find a way to hook that hunky guy from the ad department. Oh, and guys, it might not hurt for you to read this as well, since you might be missing some clues that the legal department secretary is throwing at you!

One of the easiest ways to get noticed anywhere – not just at work – is to wear a seductive perfume scent. While not all men like perfumes, they do tend to look up from their preoccupying work to see what the scent is that just wafted past their nose. Putting on a seductive scent and then making sure to walk past the man of your dreams might just cause him pause – and will surely help him to remember that it was you who provided the distracting scent as you walked by him or stood by him in the elevator. Change up the scent – but not too much – you want him to remember a distinct smell – so limit your choices to no more than 3. Intimate Co-WorkersYou do not want to appear like a schizoid perfume tester! If he asks you, “what is that you are wearing?” You can reply in a cutesy, coy manner, “oh that, it is a delicious mix of me and my latest perfume choice, do you like it?” At which point you can give him a wrist or a neck to sniff from. This reels him in close to you, while letting him know that you smell as good as the perfume you have dabbed on. Of course, if you notice him sniffing, sneezing, gagging or running away as you pass by – then the perfume angle is not going to work on that guy. Also, if you are opposed to perfume scents, try scented body washes or natural spritzes – these can be equally as pleasing and not as strong as a perfume. Whichever olfactory road you choose to follow, remember that a clean, fresh smelling body is a body a man would like to get closer to!

Sometimes the clothing choice that we wear to work is less for seduction and more for comfort. If this is the case with you – then spice it up a bit. I am not talking about trading in your khakis for a mini-dress, but more about up-playing your assets in any way possible. For some women, this means completely ditching their frumpy, casual business attire for something a little more womanly. This does not necessarily mean trading slacks for skirts – but it does mean finding flattering clothing that FITS your BODY! Tailored pants are so sexy when they fit just right. Keep in mind the “rear view” as well, and do not have any tacky panty lines showing! If you like wearing thongs – do it! Believe you me, men LOOK at your ass as you are walking past them, and seeing panty lines can be a deal breaker – but seeing NO panty lines makes the mind wander! If you are not a thong girl – consider the newest rage – SPANX. These are nylon and spandex body liners that will pull you in, tuck you under and even erase panty lines! Every woman should own some! If you wear a lot of pants - try skirts. Long skirts with high slits can be sexier than shorter skirts. Paired with a nice knee-high boot and you are on your way to dinner baby! Skirts should also fit your body - not be too baggy, too tight or too short. You want to give glimpses of the goods, not let him see your...well, you know! If you are not having problems with the lower half – but the top half – then spice up your blouses ladies! Wearing 10 layers of clothing that hides any indication that you have BREASTS is not going to catch that man’s attention! So, if you have larger breasts play them up and push them out! Now, I am not talking about literally OUT of your blouse, but I am suggesting that you might want to give them some air. How do you do this? Well, there are some major rules to showcasing cleavage – and I know cause I am a 40D and proud of it!

1. Support the Girls! That is right ladies; I am talking about the right BRA! You should have yourself professionally fitted for a bra, and get the RIGHT SIZE. Wearing the wrong size bra puts your girls down lower and makes them look frumpy – we want them out front and in charge! Choose bras that are lacy and have support. You want them to be supported, but any glimpse of the bra should be a pleasant one. Not only do lacy bras look better, but they make you feel sexy and confident – try one!

2. Make sure they are not spilling over your cups! While wardrobe malfunctions might be OK for the super bowl, they are NOT OK for the office. Make sure that your breasts are well contained and that while they are discretely showing, they are NOT spilling over. You want to give subtle hints about your assets, not show them all off!

3. Lacy undergarments can rule the world! Sometimes you are wearing a white blouse or something more see-through, utilize a nice camisole. Cami’s can be soooo sexy, and feel great on your skin. Make sure that your bra can’t be seen through your shirt (tacky) and that you are giving off the hint of sexiness that you want. Do not disregard the Camis ladies, they define sexy!

4. Lift up the Smaller Ones! If you are a gal with smaller, petite breasts – do not fear! Men like breasts – all kinds – so do not get disheartened. Play up what you have! Use bras that bring them up and out – and hey, I am not opposed to any woman giving hers a little “lift” with some bra inserts. Just remember ladies, if you are a 32A, do not insert yourself up to a 38D – when it comes time for the man to get his hands on them, he might be majorly disappointed! Be proud of what you’ve got and play it up!

Finally, always pick blouses or shirts that are tailored to fit you! There is nothing quite like a woman impeccably dressed in nice trousers and a fitted blouse, with just a hint of cleavage – Oh YUMMY! When you are dressed appropriately for your body and breast style, any man in the room will notice you – including the one whom you are after!

It is no secret that high heels HURT your feet! Even for women who wear them all the time, they are not life’s greatest pleasures. They are, however, an attention getter for many, many women! High heels seem to be the epitome of sexy – in movies, pornos and even in magazine polls. Men like women in higher heels – or at least more feminine shoes! So, if you are one of those loafer wearing ladies (or even tennis shoe wearing) – take a moment to stop and think about how YOU want to appear to that man who has caught your eye. Ditching the berkis for a pair of nice, low heels – or sexy high ones – can command new attention. The clickety-clack of heels coming down the corridor almost always causes men to look up at who is wearing them. High heels force your leg muscles to flex, make you walk with your breasts OUT, and are really just a classy look – as well as a sexy one. While I am not suggesting that you run out and by 6” stripper heels – I am suggesting that a nice pair of lower heels – or even strappy sandals – can bring your appearance from manly to womanly with just a shoe change. If you are a bus or train rider like I was, then wear the tennies for the ride, and change at the desk. If you find your feet are hurting, take them off while you are sitting, or go for a smaller heel. No one is suggesting that you be uncomfortable or that your back and feet hurt for the sake of love. Also, remember, if you can see your toes - they MUST be pedicured and painted!!

How To Make Him Crave Sex With You

While I always encourage women to be proud of their appearance, size, stature and what-not, I find that it is imperative to urge women to play up their assets and to take pride in their appearance by wearing make-up, doing their hair, and accessorizing with jewelry. Changing one, single thing about your appearance can really call attention to yourself! Here are just some basic ideas:

1. Cut years off your life! Sometimes the right hair-cut can make you look 100% different! Ditch the Fantastic Sams and go to a higher quality salon. Ask the hairdresser what works with your hair, your face style, your age. They can suggest hair styles that will knock you out! Spend the extra money and get the better results – it will pay off in the future, I guarantee it.

2. Color his world! Adding hair highlights, low-lights, or even a fresh all over color can really revamp your appearance in a way you have never imagined! Once again, go for the pros! Do it yourself hair color is OK, but it is NOT the best. Remember to get an expert opinion – someone who will not suggest going red when it will make your hair look like Bozo!

3. Make-up an excuse to talk to him! If you do not wear make-up, or wear very little remember that you do not have to pile it on to make an impression. Statistics show that men prefer a more natural look over a too made up look. Some classy blush, nice lipstick and basic eye color can do WONDERS for your appearance. Remember to stay modern (no black eyeliner with hot pink eye shadows) and to be classy. If you are uncomfortable with make-up, just try something modest, like lipstick.

4. TAME the Wild Beast! Now ladies, you have got to take a critical look at a few things that should be as plain as the nose on your face. What am I talking about? EYEBROWS and FACIAL HAIR! If you have a 3:00 shadow or your eyebrows are one, continuous unit – go get waxed! Not even just for the man, but for the sake of your own self-esteem! Having a well groomed face is a great way to start!

In short, having an overall, put-together appearance is a great way to make him notice you! If you change something like your hair or make-up – play it up! Combine the new outfit with the new “you” and be confident and in charge. One of the best ways to get people to notice you is through confidence and looking good is a great confidence builder!

Now, perhaps you are already set with all of the above. You are confident, put together, well-groomed and feel good about “you.” If this is the case, then how do you bring yourself into his line of sight? INTERACT with HIM of course! Finding time to just say “hello” and call attention to yourself is the easiest way to get noticed. If you are shy, and barely talk – STOP IT – and go say “good morning” to Mr. Hot Pants! Pass by his desk a few times a day, look at him and SMILE. If you find yourself behind him in the lunch line or at the deli down the street – SAY HELLO! Strike up a conversation – get yourself into his mind somehow!

1. Note of Interest: If you are already on casual speaking terms, then step it up a bit. You can leave him a note on his desk, something cute like, “Just thought of you and it brightened my day.” While you might find this childish, trust me – it works! Men love knowing that you are thinking of them – and then they think of you too!

2. Coffee Break: Or, bring him his favorite afternoon coffee, for no reason than you were at the Starbucks and knew he like the Mocha Latte. Drop it off to him with a smile. This lets him know you were thinking about him, and were considerate enough to get him a coffee too.

3. Get a Leg UP: Perhaps you are ready to step it up even more – turn on the seductive charm! Well, in that case it can be as simple as sitting on his desk, or in a chair across from him, and crossing your legs seductively. Run your hand up and down your leg, by your knee – absentmindedly – as you are speaking to him. Then, when you get up, walk slowly back to your office. Let him have the image of your legs in his mind, and your ass as you walked away. Bending over to let him look down your blouse is not as cliché as many women think. If it is done in the right context, for a short second and without viewing the entire breast, it can really be the thing that the guy notices about you. This does NOT mean that you are a sexual object only, but if you have the stuff ladies, showcase it and let him know! Men are simple ladies; it doesn’t take much for the mind to wander.

4. Conversations take a turn: Men do not only want a sexy, sultry woman – they also want a woman who is smart! Showcase your intelligence ladies by talking to him about more than the weather! While I would not suggest marching up to him at lunch and asking him what he currently thinks about the ozone layer and the ramifications of global warming – I would suggest letting him into the secret that you have a BODY and BRAINS to BOOT! Letting a man know that you are intelligent is a good thing, and if he only goes for stupid bimbos, then he wasn’t right for you anyhow!

5. Touch him: Find a reason to touch him. A tap on the shoulder, a brush of your hand, a gentle nudge during a meeting. These are all signs of your interest. As in grade school, when the boy HIT the girl, it meant he liked her. In older years, a subtle touch can say more than a thousand words! Once, I even joined arms with a man I was after while walking through my college campus. I just went up and put my arm through his as we kept talking. While he looked very surprised, he did ask me out that same night. I touched him – in more ways than one!

6. I am WOMAN: Confidence is one of the biggest turn-ons for men! Make sure that whatever you do, you are sure of yourself. Do not stutter, hesitate, look scared – just do it with class and style. It is definitely a good start when you come off in charge of yourself.

Eventually, if all the subtle clues have not worked in your favor, it might be time to step it up one more notch! You may have to ask him out for a drink (or coffee) just to chat. The same rules apply to asking him out as to getting him to notice you. Wear your best clothes, have a great hair day, wear your favorite perfume and then just DO IT! Be confident, stride up to him and simply say, “Hey Tom, I was wondering, do you want to go have lunch?” Remember, if he says “no” – do NOT get disheartened. Just say, “ok, maybe another time” and walk away. Remember to still say hello to him and do not give him indication that you were upset or hurt. Cause he might have a good reason for refusing, and you do not want to overreact! Also, if this does happen, you do not want to give him (or any other prospective guys) reason to think you are less confident now. So, if you find yourself being shot down – do not fret – there are many more men in the sea!

While this article touches on just a few of my suggestions for roping in the man of your dreams, I think that the basics are definitely covered! Remembering to take pride in YOU – through the use of clothing, hair styling, make-up and shoes – can bring YOU more confidence and set you apart from the other ladies in the office. It matters less about what you actually look like, and more about how you present yourself, than you even know! Getting personal through light touching or conversations can bring you into the forefront of his mind. Give him a reason to get to know you. Let him know you are a sensitive, sexy and thoughtful person. Bringing him a coffee or a bagel can really let him know you are into him. Leave lasting impressions through your conversational skills and your art of seduction. Giving him a sneak peek to what he could have if he was to land you. You are a total package ladies – smart, witty, sexy, sultry and kind hearted! Let him see as much of all of those qualities as you can! Landing the man of your dreams can be easy or hard – but it is not impossible. Be true to yourself, do not change too much so that you are uncomfortable, and remember that NO MAN is worth making you feel badly about yourself – so take rejection in style! I hope that this article inspires you to find the love of your life and go for him. I also hope that the men who read this realize that the girl who gives you a coffee everyday isn’t your secretary, but instead a woman who wants to get to know you better! Good luck ladies, the hunt has begun!!!

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