How To Pick A Toy For Her

Have you had the fantasy of watching your woman pleasure herself with a vibrator or dildo? Have you wanted to get her a secret vibrator that you can control via remote? Does the idea of her using a butt plug really turn you on? Sure it does – and yes you have! Men are very aware of all the fun little sex toys available to women and they often think about getting her a sexy gift, but don’t know how to go about it. Relax guys, here is an easy guide for picking out a toy for her.

Quick note: make sure you know if your woman has any type of allergy to latex, jelly, PVC, vinyl or rubber before getting her a toy. 

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While I certainly hope that your lover allows you to participate in playing with her new toy, the fact of the matter is, maybe she won’t. You have to remember that this toy is for HER, not you. This means thinking about what SHE wants in a toy. What are her likes and dislikes in the bedroom? For example, does she really hate it when you finger her during sex? Or, does she want 3-4 fingers inside her? Does sex hurt her at any time? Does she orgasm easily, or does it take some effort? How about her view of your penis? Does she like how it looks, or does she say “penises are ugly?”

These are all very important questions, because the answers will help you to pick out the right toy. For example, if she enjoys being filled by your fingers during oral sex then she most likely will want a larger sized Dildo or Vibrator; whereas if she doesn’t, then a slimmer version would be appropriate. If she orgasms easily and frequently then you may not need to get a toy that has a lot of power, but less powerful may be the way to go. However, if it is harder to get her off, then a more powerful bullet may be the way to go. Finally, if she is in the “penises are ugly” camp, then getting her any realistic looking penis toys is a no-no as it will not appeal to her at all. Think about what she wants and what she would enjoy based on how she enjoys sex with you. But if she does want something close to the real thing, check this out:

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If you have been waiting for the day when your girlfriend begs you to have anal sex, but you know she hates it, and you think that buying her anal toys will make her enjoy it, you would be wrong. Just because YOU want to have anal sex doesn’t mean she does and no toy that you buy will make her want to (most likely.) Now, if she hast voiced any objection to anal play this is different, but if she has said “no” then getting her a butt plug, animal tail plug or any other type of anal toy is not a wise choice. Oh, and in case you were thinking it, buying her “Anal Eeeeze” and trying to convince her it will take away all the pain is not really the best gift either.

Despite what you may have seen in porn or on the internet, a woman doesn’t always want things the size of beer cans shoved up her vagina. Some toys are too big and will not be a pleasant experience for her. Yes, there are some women who enjoy a larger toy, and even like extreme play, but if you are not 100% sure that your woman wants this type of stimulation then you need to steer clear of the big boy toys. Vibrators come in a variety of sizes – lengths – colors – and styles. It is really important that you know your woman’s vagina and what is most pleasing to her. While you may be very intrigued to see if the fist shaped dildo (yes, it is real) will fit up your wife’s vagina, she may have absolutely no desire to try such a toy. It is better to err on the side of caution when picking out the side of the toy. Yes, the vagina is meant to stretch, and yes, a baby’s head is meant to come out of there, but sometimes women are not built to accept that large of an item up there.

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Finally, women are a little different in that they really enjoy items that can be used as a couple. Couple's vibrators, bondage items, board games and sex toys - we really enjoy when you think of OUR pleasure as a couple. Yes, standard toys can be used as a couple too, but it is not the same as items that can overall spice up sex for both of you. Massage gels, flavored lubes and the like are also great gifts because they are sexy and romantic. Bondage type toys – like simple restraints, or blindfolds – can excite her at the idea of you taking control of the play. Couple’s vibrators make her realize that you care about her orgasm too! Yes, couple’s toys are great options for women, especially if this is a first time buy.

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