Best Toys For INCREDIBLE Foreplay

Foreplay is such an incredibly fun and absolutely essential part of a healthy sexual relationship. For a couple, foreplay gets you both hot and bothered and ready to go. For her, especially, foreplay is nearly an essential part of a sexual experience because women tend to need more foreplay to get themselves ready for intercourse. Kissing, fondling, fingering, oral sex – all these are common forms of foreplay. However, how many people think of using toys to help with foreplay? Oh yeah, toys make excellent additions to foreplay. Here are just a few top choices to integrate into your foreplay time.

Try These 5 New Foreplay Moves!

Bullets, are small, directly stimulating toys that work fantastic all over the body! Bullets deliver powerful vibrations right to the area where you apply the bullet. This means whether you are teasing her nipples, neck, stomach or clitoris, the sensations will be wildly stimulating! Wait – you can ALSO use it on HIM! Oh yeah, his neck, belly, inner thighs, balls, penis shaft or penis head (not to mention a surprise run over his taint..shhhhhh) will have him asking for your buzzing buddy every time you get intimate!

Recommended Bullet: My First Silver Bullet


My First Silver Bullet

Masturbation sleeves (also known as pocket pussies) are not just for his private time. Oh no ladies, you have not seen how excited you can get your man until you switch up foreplay by using a Masturbation Sleeve on him. Yes, he loves oral sex and even hand jobs, but if you use a masturbation sleeve on him when it is your turn he will go NUTS! Even if he is already a masturbation sleeve user, the sensation will be completely different if you are the one sliding it over him. Just remember to add some lube so that you can slide the sleeve over his shaft with little effort.

Recommended Masturbator: Super Head Honcho
Super Head Honcho
If you are thinking that you don’t need to use a Vibrator during foreplay because it is for her private time, let me remind you about how different things feel when you are not the one in control of the action! Not to mention, you can WATCH as the toy sinks into her. Uh huh, now we are getting the picture, right? Vibrators can be used in a variety of ways during foreplay – on both of you – and are surprisingly versatile for both of you. Guys, just be careful to be gentle when you are in control!

Recommended Vibrator: Paris Nubby Clit Teaser
Paris Nubby Clit Teaser
Sorry guys, this one is just for her. Ben Wa Balls, or Orgasm Balls, are solid balls that she can insert into her vagina. The balls rub against each other and stimulate her vaginal walls. Ben Wa Balls do NOT stay in during intercourse – but, they can be inserted while you are in foreplay mode and they will add a delicious twist to whatever you are doing to warm each other up! If you are giving her oral sex the balls provide a wonderful internal stimulation that will heighten her arousal. If she is giving YOU oral sex, she can still have the balls inserted and while she is moving around to pleasure you, the balls are moving around inside her giving her pleasure.

Recommended Kegel Balls: Climax Kegel Balls


Climax Kegel Balls

This one is good for either of you as the anal canal is an equal opportunity pleaser. Anal Plugs are a “set it and forget it” type item that you can insert and then engage in other activities. Anal plugs come in a variety of materials and sizes and some even vibrate! Anal plugs will provide a unique sensation for her or him during oral sex, and can be left in during intercourse too for a little tighter fit for him, and a more full sensation for her. Guys, don’t be shy, you try out the anal plug too and see just how a little prostate stimulation can throw you over into new territory of pleasure. Guys, if you find that you like the anal plug, consider moving on to prostate massagers – which are made especially to reach and rub your prostate!

Recommended Anal Plug: Cherry's Vibrating Butt Plug
Cherry's Vibrating Butt Plug


Bondage items can include: blindfolds, restraints, handcuffs, ball gags, floggers, whips, sex swings or any other item the will assist in restraining or limiting movement of your partner. Bondage items are always amazing to use during foreplay because it can take any activity – such as oral sex – and amp it up a few notches! Now there is not just oral sex happening, but oral sex while your partner is restrained. Whenever we limit or restrict movement, sight, sound or speech, our other senses become extremely heightened, which makes for an unparalleled experience! OH yeah, bondage foreplay is EXTREME foreplay!

Recommended Bondage Item: Fifty Shades No Peeking Blindfold Set


Fifty Shades No Peeking Blindfold Set

What Toys Do You Use During Foreplay? Let Us Know!

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