Tips For First Time Sex For Her

Are you a virgin? For the purpose of this discussion this means you have not had penetrative intercourse with a partner. Perhaps you have done other activities, but have not taken the final step to having sex. Have you decided it is time to have sex with your partner? Are you sure you are ready? If so, you are probably excited and nervous! I am sure you have questions or are looking for some tips. Well look no further – here are some tips for you on having sex for the first time. 

The very first thing you need to do before you engage in sex is to make sure you are actually, truly, really ready! Never allow yourself to succumb to pressure from your partner, friends, or even society or media. You are the only one who knows when it is right for sex to happen for you. Usually this means when you are in a relationship with a person whom you trust. While many “first times” are one-night-stands, my guess is if you are reading this you are planning your first time. Good for you. You can only have your first time once, so make sure you are really ready and desire to take this step. Contrary to the messages of our society, sex is a big deal and can have some lasting consequences if you are not ready and prepared.

So, we have the emotional preparedness taken care of now we need to think of being prepared in other ways. This means:

- Having “the talk” with your perspective partner about their sexual health. This means having the STD discussion. You absolutely need to know if your partner has been STD tested and what the results were. Has he had sex previously? Or is he, too, a virgin?
- Think about protection from STDs and pregnancy. What will you use for this? The pill? Remembering that the pill does not protect against STDs. You need to make sure that you are prepared in this way before you have had sex.
- The most important thing: make sure you can trust your partner. Trusting a partner with your body (and heart) is very important. This moment can never be repeated, so make sure you trust your partner with this experience.

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You really want your first time to be as special as possible, this means preferably not in the backseat of a car after getting drunk or in any other way impaired. Sure, having a little something to take the edge off of the nerves you may be feeling can be helpful, but you do not want to have sloppy drunken sex for your first time. Make sure that it happens in a place where you feel comfortable and respected.

Sex for the first time should not be rushed. Make sure you take the time to be properly warmed up with foreplay. The more aroused you are the more satisfying this experience will be. Not to mention the discomfort that can happen for a virgin on her first time, being properly prepared both mentally and with arousal can greatly limit this. Make sure you are savoring your partner and he is savoring you. Really take the time to feel each other, to let yourself go and enjoy the passion of the first time.

It is so important to approach sex honestly. This means only doing it when you feel you are ready, telling your partner when things don’t feel good – or when they REALLY feel good, saying stop if you have a change of mind, and try to be in touch with your body so that you can have the best experience possible. If you are not honest about how you feel and what you are feeling – physically and emotionally – then you start your sexual life tainted.

What I mean here is, don’t try to do every sex move you have read about or have seen in a movie. First time sex is not the time to try move # 45 in the Kama Sutra. Nor would it be appropriate to engage in bondage or other activities which inhibit your ability to be a participating partner. This is your first time and as with all first times, you have to learn as you go. So, embrace the newness and take your time making it complex.

With sex will undoubtedly come feelings. Deeper, more complex feelings than you have even had up until this point. Sex complicates things in a wonderful and exciting way. Women, especially, have strong attachment to the men they have sex with – most especially their first lover. This is partly why choosing the right partner is so important. Hopefully, the first time will not be the last time and you can experience better and better sex.

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