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Ladies, if you could bed any FEMALE celebrity, who would it be? I know, you're not a lesbian or bisexual, right? Well, this is a fantasy, and research indicates that one of the top female fantasies is to have another woman in bed with them! So, take of the “heterosexual cap” and think about what starlet you would like to sex up! I have to say, I have been asked this question over and over and over by everyone from my hubby to my girlfriends to all those people on forum. I have thought about it, and one name always comes back up – Angelina Jolie. I am not talking about the “adopting 5 kids, married Billy Bob Thornton (ewwwwie), banging Brad Pitt” Angelina, I am talking about the rough starlet who starred in the movie GIA. The hot, sexy, dangerous looking star who has a body to die for and lips you want to suck on (both pairs). So for me, that image of Angelina is the one who I would bring into bed with me (and have on many nights of solo play) – and she seems to be my #1 pick. I feel secure in my decision, after all Angelina was voted #9 in the poll looking for the top 99 women of 2007. With 99 women to choose from, my pick is definitely near the top. The number 1 pick was Beyonce, and I am eager to see if any one else chooses her – and why wouldn’t they – she is a sexy powerhouse of talent, looks and brains.

I wanted to know who my basically straight-laced girlfriends would pick, so I decided to do another “girl’s lunch” – cause you can never have too many of those – and ask them my latest question: What female star would you lesbianize? My friend Mia was the FIRST to answer, she said UNDOUBTEDLY if she could ever do it she would pick Kate Hudson! She loves her hair, her face, her eyes and her bod. She watched the movie “Raising Helen” where she plays a hip, stylish (and slightly slutty at times) modeling company executive. Mia told me that watching her dance around in this film made her SUPER hot. She could hardly wait for “You, Me and Dupree” to come out so she could see her in tiny nighties. I can definitely see Kate Hudson being a top choice – she is gorgeous – and has a wonderful, fun personality (at least on film she does) – so yes, I too could get on board with Kate Hudson.

My other friends took some time to decide whom they would like to get jiggy with. I think they were suppressing their latent lesbianism! Finally, my friend Janine spoke up and said, “OK, now DO NOT laugh at my choice, she is a bit older, but I just think she is sexy as hell!” We promised, and after a swig of her sangria she revealed her choice to be DIANE LANE. Hey, I completely understand this choice. While Diane is not a newcomer to the big screen, she has a Lesbian Fantasy definitely sexiness and hotness to her. I immediately thought of the movie “Unfaithful” where she is married to Richard Gere but has a HOT, HOT, HOT affair with the uber sexy Olivier Martinez (who, by the way, I wouldn’t kick out of bed either!). Janine admitted that it was indeed that movie that got her thinking about Diane Lane. She told us that she had never had a sexual desire for a woman until that movie! While I find this a bit hard to believe, I said nothing and let her go on. She described watching this film with her hubby and becoming EXTREMELY aroused at the sight of Diane and Olivier going at it. IF you have not seen this film, let me assure you – the sex scenes are super steamy and thrilling. The filmography makes you FEEL like you are having the affair with her – and maybe that was the attraction for my friend. She said that after the movie was over she literally attacked her hubby on the couch. Now that is inspiration!

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Seeing that the female / female fantasy is not something too odd, my other luncheon guests began to reveal their choices as well. My friend Leighton admitted she has had an ongoing female fantasy for quite a while, and even with all the changes in this star’s life, she still is number one in her female fantasies. She revealed her choice to be Pamela Anderson. Now, I can also get on board with Pamela – she is a defining woman when it comes to sexiness! Her large and firm breasts (even if implants) her winning smile, flowing blonde hair and GORGEOUS body all combine to make her super sexy. I highly doubt there are many men who would turn down a shot with Pamela Anderson, and why should women be any different? Leighton admitted that she has watched all of Pam’s sex tapes (the one with Tommy Lee is her favorite) and imagined it was her getting the lovin’ instead of the man. She has followed Pam’s “career” from Baywatch to Playboy (or was it Playboy to Baywatch?) and to her TV series, and even all the men she has attached herself to. Leighton doesn’t even care about the fact that she had kids – she thinks that makes her MORE appealing and “real” for her fantasies – although I am sure the kiddies aren’t on the private yacht where they rendezvous for their lesbian fun! Yes, I could definitely see Pamela Anderson being a top contender in many women’s minds just because of her ROCKIN’ Bod!

Finally, my last friend stepped up and said her ideal female partner would have to be Jennifer Aniston. For Katie, Jennifer exemplifies the “nice girl” who has a personality that she could gel with. Katie is more of a romantic person than some of the rest of us, so I find it completely fitting that it is Jennifer for her. I do not necessarily personally see Jennifer Aniston as my ideal sex mate, but I do think that she is probably one of the “nicest” and most sincere stars out there today. She does have a rockin’ body, takes good care of herself, is very, very pretty and has gorgeous hair and eyes. It is not that she isn’t attractive; I think that I prefer the more hard core look over the “girl next door.” Katie said that Jennifer has done it for her since FRIENDS was on air, and recently in a movie called “The Break Up” where she stars opposite Vince Vaughn and tried desperately to fix the mess that they made of this relationship. Katie particularly likes the scene where Jennifer walks down the hallway in the buff right after having her snatch shaved – you only see the back view – but I will admit is a GREAT view!

Obviously my friends have differing tastes when it comes to their female picks. Everything from the hot and sultry Pamela Anderson, to the cute but still sexy Kate Hudson, and even an “older” representative in Diane Lane! This just goes to show that just like men; women have different tastes and qualities that they would look for in a female partner. These are just fantasies, of course, it is not like Angelina Jolie or Pamela Anderson are going to come knocking on our doors any time soon – but if they did…….well, that is another article all together! I think that women choose their fantasy partners for all different reasons. As my friend Katie showed, she picked the “nice” girl over the sex pot. This is representative of her choices in life in general. While I choose a certain “side” of a star, it is not a total representation of Angelina Jolie. I think it is fun and harmless to fantasize about stars, the guy (or woman) who does your dry-cleaning, friends, or even a nameless person who you saw at the mall. Fantasies are just that….fantasy…and they can be a great way to bring some zing to your masturbation time – or even time with your partner. So, I am curious – if you could pick a female starlet to bring to your fantasy bedroom – who would it be? Come on girls – let’s air our dirty fantasies – I am DYING to know!

What Sexy Celebrity Would You Choose?
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