How To Show Him You Love Him In Bed

Sex is the most intimate thing that a couple can share and once love is involved, sex takes on a whole, new form that usually makes the sex hotter, more passionate, and, ultimately, more satisfying. Sure, having sex with someone who you don’t love, but like, can be fulfilling too. However, when a couple is in love and they share sex it becomes a bonding experience as well as I way to say “I Love You” without any words at all. Sometimes we wish we knew how to show our partner that we love him in sexual ways. This article will provide just a few ideas to prove to your man just how much you love him!

Men like sex. Men like sex A LOT. Some men (note: SOME) believe, falsely, that once they utter those 3 little words - I Love You - that all sex will come screeching to a halt because their woman has now gotten what she wanted – to commit to her. So, if you want to not only keep your relationship super hot but also want to show your man that you love him – take him to bed – A LOT. Not once a month, but often. Show him how hot you are for him. Seduce him. Whisper how badly you want him in his ear.

When we love someone we want them to be happy above all else. This happiness transcends to the bedroom as well. When we take the time to make sure our man is getting a lovely, sexual pampering that includes a well-performed blowjob we are showing him that HIS needs are important to us. We are physically taking control of his desire and catering to something that is mostly just for him. Enjoy it. Make it a pleasurable experience for him. In fact, make it ALL about him if he wants. Meaning, finish him in your mouth. Show him that sex can be an experience that is just for him. Believe me, he will respond in kind!

How HE Can Show His Love For HER In Bed

Men love it when their women take control – and they love it even more when they can FEEL how much you are enjoying sex with them. Forget any insecurities you may be having, any fears of being on top of in control and just DO IT! Climb up on top of your man, grind your hips and do HIM! Be expressive with your body, hold his hands and look into his eyes from your position of power. Moan and whimper and make lovely sounds of happiness and desire. Let your body show him how much you love him. He will be putty in your hands!

Men love to know that they are sexually desired just as much as women do and what better time to do this than when you are in the act of sex! Even before that, whisper in his ears, “I want you – NOW” and make him excited to get naked with you! Furthermore, what better way to utter these words than with a little twinge of the naughty. When you are in that perfect union with him inside of you and you are feeling all those sexual and loving emotional feelings – tell him not only that you love him – but how much you LOVE him inside of you. Tell him how you love his cock, his mouth, and his fingers. Grab his hair and tell him and show him with your body just how much you love making love with him! He will feel the sexual heat and the love oozing out of every pore!

How Do You Show Your Partner You Love Him During Sex?
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