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When you want expert advice on any subject from cooking to sex, where do you turn? A professional of course! In the land of sex, who constitutes a “professional?” In some ways I would count myself as one, as I have dedicated many years of my life to learning about pleasure and trying to perfect the art of oral sex! However, there are other “professionals” out there such as porn stars, sexual therapists, or even sex educators like myself! So, in the interest of being efficient, I have read and summarized some of the best tips from these sources and compiled them right here for you! ENJOY!

1. ANATOMY 101
According to Michael Castleman, a sexual therapist, the absolute most important thing to know to give her absolutely fantastic oral is: KNOW HER ANATOMY! Men need to know where the clitoris is, where the clitoral hood is, where the vaginal entrance is, and that she has 2 sets of labia lips. What often ends up being most frustrating for women during oral is that the man doesn’t know where her “hot button” (clitoris) is! Learn the anatomy guys, it will take you far!

Siski Green, who is a sexual subject writer for Men’s Health Magazine, states that, “the tongue is an amazing muscle, full of orgasmic potential, so use it all from trunk (bottom) to tip!” This is spot on advice. While the tip of the tongue is great for those little flicks on her clitoris, the entire tongue can be used to deliver immense pleasure! When your man licks you so deep that his face is pressed into your vaginal mound you KNOW he is using his tongue right!
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Ultra famous porn star, Nina Hartley, has written extensive articles and has made many videos on how to please a woman orally. One pro tip that I wish all men knew is that we LOVE finger play during oral sex – but it has to be the RIGHT finger play. This means no jamming 4 fingers into us unprepared, no rough penetration, and it has to be in conjunction with licking and pleasing the clitoris! When a woman has her vagina filled with a finger or two the insides are getting stimulated at the same time as her clitoris – and if you are really good, her G-Spot will be stimulated too! This increases her pleasure and helps to build her orgasm much more quickly! So gentleman, give her a finger or two while you are eating her!

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Famous sex therapist Sue Johanson, who had a TV show called Talk Sex With Sue, offers a lot of advice on oral sex. Some of the best, and simplest advice, is to “ask your partner what feels good.” Many times a man does what he thinks would feel good, and it is NOTHING like what the woman likes. Or, he may do what his past lovers have liked, and each woman is different. So, through some basic questions like “is this too fast?” or “how does this feel?” the man can really get in touch with what makes her purr like a kitten!

As a resident and proud bi-sexual woman, I feel it is fair that I weigh in on some tongue tricks that have worked on my past lovers as well as are favorites with me. I absolutely love, love, love when my clitoris gets nibbled just a bit. Not a hard bite mind you, but more of a grazing of the teeth over the clit in combination with little tongue licks. Oh yeah. I love it and my partners have seemed to love it too. Just remember, everyone is different, but if you haven’t tried a little nibble, give it a go!

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