5 Sex Positions For The "Less Flexible"

I honestly have to laugh when I think about how sex has changed for me now that I am in my mid-40s as compared to me in my 20s or even 30s! I never thought I would usher the words, “I can’t do that, my knee has locked up!” Or, “Move me back a bit, my leg doesn’t bend that way!” It is like watching a sitcom where two senior citizens are trying to have sex. The truth is, as we get older many of us will experience a lack of flexibility, arthritic joints, and a generalized fatigue that can greatly impact how we have sex, how long we have sex, and if we can even get into some of our favorite positions! I am fairly in shape, I exercise regularly and am semi-flexible for 46, but I have noticed a dramatic shift in how I can have sex now. So, for all of us who are experiencing this – and for all of you who will – here are 5 positions for us “older and wiser” yet slightly less flexible folks.

If the goal is to get maximum penetration without putting pressure on the joints or the back or knees, then this is probably the easiest position for all people. The female will lie on her back on the bed, with her butt to the very end. The man will stand, and situate himself in between her knees, entering her from a standing position. Depending on the female’s flexibility, she can raise her legs straight up, or to the sides. She can bend her knees, or even let her legs dangle over the side of the bed. The man can grab her legs, knees or ankles for stability. The strokes can be as fast or leisurely as he sees fit. This one puts little to no pressure on joints, including the standing man.

Sometimes, depending on the height of the bed, it is necessary to raise up the woman a bit. Or, it is nice to have variety in entrance angle. For this position, the woman will get on her hands and knees on the bed, with her knees right on the edge. To ease the pressure on the joints pillows can be placed under her belly. Then, he will enter her from behind holding on to her hips for stability. The woman can open her legs as far as is comfortable for her.

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Side by side positions are also very convenient because they take all the stress off of the joints and they normally do not require much flexibility. They do, however, sometimes take some adjustments to get INTO the position. An easy version to start with requires the woman to lay on her side, with her legs spread apart. He will sort of sit / recline back on his arm and scootch toward her until he can enter her. Figuring out just how to fit together is like trying to put puzzle pieces together, but once you find that golden position you can easily rock back and forth to enjoy each other.

A classic position that really is pretty easily achievable is the standard missionary (man on top) position. There are many variations of this position, and they can be easily changed mid-action. The woman lays on her back, spreading her legs so the man can enter. Depending on his flexibility, his knee strength, and the girth of both partners he can either lay atop her once he has entered her, and slowly penetrate; or he can stay up on his knees and enter her, holding on to her knees or legs for stability. This position releases pressure on the joints for both partners and doesn’t require flexibility.

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This one works really well for most couples as it is easy on all the joints, the back, the hips and the knees. The man will sit down on a chair (preferably, a kitchen or armless chair) and the woman will mount him as she faces him (but this could be done in reverse as well). The important thing is, the woman needs to be able to reach the floor so that she can use her feet for stability and to achieve a rocking motion. Once she has situated herself, she can rock back and forth or raise and lower herself onto her partner. She can use his shoulders (or the back of the chair) for stability, and he can encircle her with his arms.

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