7 Common Sexual Problems

Contrary to what you may believe sex is not always smooth sailing! There can be sexual problems or issues between couples and these issues are way more common than you may think! Sure, you may not have experienced any sexual problems yet – but odds are at some point in your life you will. Here are 7 sexual problems that almost everyone experiences some point in their sexual lives.

While this happens to women more often than men, painful sex can be a real issue. There are many reasons for this to happen: Vulvodynia (which is chronic, unexplained vaginal pain during sex); Honeymoon Syndrome (tender genitals from too much sex); Lack of Lubrication (usually caused by hormonal imbalances in women or menopause); Vaginal Tears (can be post-childbirth or simply from rough sex or sex with a larger penis; STDs (Herpes, Chlamydia, Syphilis can all cause painful sex until treated). No matter the reason, almost all people will experience painful sex at one point or another.

Libido, otherwise known as sex drive, is the desire to have sex. Everyone has times when they are just “not in the mood” and this is definitely not a cause for concern. However, there are times when libido gets very low and this can be very frustrating. All sorts of life factors affect libido – stress, hormonal fluctuation, menopause, age or depression are just a few of the reasons why a person’s libido could reduce. Usually, low libido passes with time or medications.

Poor men. If their penis doesn’t work as they want it to, there is no hiding it. ALL men have bouts of ED in their lives. Whether it is from age, stress, too much alcohol or drugs, not being sexually attracted to their partner or a medical condition such as low testosterone, the cold truth is that ED is not a fun experience for anyone. Once a bout of ED hits a man he has personal doubts. When will it happen again? Why did it happen? What is wrong with me? Most ED is nothing serious to worry about and can be a one-time thing. However, if it is chronic and happens all the time (especially if during self-stimulation as well) then you should see a doctor for advice / medications. If not, just take the hit, brush it off and go at it again next time.

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While this can happen to both men and women, it more commonly happens to women. The null orgasm is when you feel the build-up of the orgasm but then it simply goes away. It is like eating dinner and not getting dessert. There are many reasons why this happens, and some are unexplainable too, but the null orgasm is no fun for anyone. A cause for frustration, feeling the impending orgasm and being left unfinished is a bummer for sure.

OK, so maybe not technically a “problem” queefing, or the expelling of air from the vaginal orifice during sex, is an embarrassing situation that often stops sex in its tracks while the participants gauge what is happening. Queefing is completely normal – albeit a bit odd – and usually happens more than once in a woman’s sexual life. My best advice – just keep on doing what you are doing. Queefs happen. Deal.

All men want to last for hours in bed, render their partners breathless and limp as they deliver so many hours of sex that they become a sex god in their own mind! However, sometimes the exact opposite happens and sex lasts, well, not long at all. In fact, sometimes premature ejaculation can happen in under a minute! While mostly this plagues newbies (men having sex for the first time) it can occur at any point! If you are extremely sexually aroused by your partner you may just blow your load a little earlier than you would like. No fear dudes, PE can be treated and most likely you will not be 10 second Stan for long.

Sex is the coming together of 2 bodies in a simple, yet somewhat complex, manner. Sex between new partners can be explosively hot – or really, really awkward! Having awkward sex can happen to any couple at any point in a sexual relationship. Whether it be simply figuring out what activity to do next, how to start, or how to “fit” together, awkward sex can give you a very unnatural feeling that is not at all sexy!

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Christina Smith - July 17, 2020

Every since i had a hysterectomy, i don’t desire seed like i did before the surgery. It just doesn’t excite me anymore. It takes a long time to climax. What Are some things could i do or take?

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