What Is Considered Cheating?

In today’s world of internet everything and texting at every turn, the idea of what is, actually, “cheating” has been in flux. In past times what was considered cheating was when a partner had physical sexual activity (oral, fingering, penetration) with someone other than his / her partner. However, is this really the only thing that is considered cheating? What actually IS cheating? Well, honestly, this is pretty subjective from person to person, but there are some basic beliefs that seem to hold true.

While it may be somewhat up in the air as to what constitutes cheating, one thing has never been in debate: if you have sex with another person who is not your partner, you are cheating. Standard intercourse and all that goes with it – definitely cheating. We can’t deny that this is cheating no matter the circumstances. The only exception is if you have an open relationship, and if this was the case you wouldn’t really be worrying about cheating.

I am not sure who the person was who said “oral sex is not sex.” Oral sex IS sex and in many cases it is more intimate than regular intercourse so why would it not constitute sex? Personally, this is probably the lame excuse by someone who had oral sex to say “I never cheated, it was just oral.” Oral sex IS definitely cheating unless you are in the minority and think that oral is not sex.

Lovemaking Vs. Fucking

Here is where the line gets a little blurry for many people. What about kissing or touching without oral or penetration? Is this cheating? The truth is, in my humble opinion, that this walks the line right before cheating. Kissing is not only a very intimate experience that separates “friends” from “more than friends” but it is also the gateway activity to more intimate experiences like sex. If you are to the point where you are ACTIVELY kissing another person, you are definitely walking a very, very thin line to cheating. If, however, it is one kiss and you realize it was a mistake, I would not constitute this as cheating.

As I said above, in the age of internet everything it is extremely easy to meet a variety of different persons to talk with, hook up with and yes, cheat with. However, sometimes that cheating is not physical, but is emotional. We live in a world where having long, intimate e-mail or texting discussions with people is common. It is how many of us date in first place. We meet online, then we meet in person. Well, sometimes our partner continues to meet others online and they can get very attached to that person. Sometimes having very detailed sexual discussions that can include sexual things that they would like to do with each other and sometimes with intimate pictures! If you are sending intimate pictures and talking about having sex with someone, is that cheating? It is not physical, you may never even meet, but are you emotionally attached? Are you wishing you were spending time with that person other than your partner? Are you discussing intimate things with that person that you are not discussing with your partner? Are you sharing your life, struggles, joys and other things with that online person? Guess what? You are emotionally cheating. You are giving that person the attention and, yes, love, that you should be giving your actual partner and that may be the worst type of cheating in all the possibilities and you can do it all from a distance.

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